Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Eight posted for this morning’s edition of #ThePunisher.  We went at it like so:

Stroll to the west side of the school building for initial COP – 25 x Hillbillies, 25 x Imaginary Jumpropes, and 15 x Arm Circles (including small and large and both forwards and backwards)

Conducted a staged mosey through the surrounding neighborhood.  Rotated leader role amongst PAX.  Leader runs until he has counted 20 four-count strides with the other PAX members in tow.  Leader then halts and calls out chest and ab exercises of his choosing, then the full group completes 20 of the chest variant and 39 of the ab option (in honor of Offshore’s 39th birthday today).  Repeated runs and exercise stops east on Laburnum, south on Gloucester, west on Wilmington, and north on Hermitage Road back to the school.

Jogged to the front schoolyard and formed a tight circle around the security camera pole.  One PAX member would complete 10 Squats while the remaining gents would crab walk away from the pole.  Once completed with the squats, the PAX would bear crawl back to the pole.  Completed one round with all taking a turn.

Rambled back around the school to the picnic pavilion.  PAX completed 50 Dips and 50 Leg Raises.

Quick stroll for a brief set of stretches – Child’s Pose, Cobra, and Downward Dog followed by leg stretches.

Return to the ShovelFlag for COT.


Wish Offshore a Happy Birthday – 365 days until the end of “hate”.  Re: the Backblast title, one of our workout stops was the Laburnum Avenue median strip.  YHC is quite sure nobody has used that ground for exercises before.  We could feel the passing wave of cars a little too much.

The initial COP gave Fudd a little extra time to get his car parked this morning.  Incidentally, Fudd is still working on his shed project and could use some more help.  Contact him if you have some time (he asked if anyone had time today).  He says there is craft beer available.

BT and Toga are signing up for a Spartan Race sometime soon.  Apparently if you whiff on an obstacle at this event, you have to move off to the side and complete 30 Burpees.  Sounds great.  See those guys if you are interested.


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  1. Thanks for leading Mr Bucket! It was super strange to be at a workout without TYA or Bleeder as Q.

    Happy Birthday Offshore!

  2. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    It was good to get back to the Punishes, and I always enjoy the field trips around the neighborhoods. We have the commuters on Laburnum a healthy serving of eye candy for sure.