Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



6 faithful and strong and 19 faithful and fleet warriors posted at Circus Maximus and 45 MOM this morning. Weather was unseasonably cool, but welcome.

The Thang:

45 MOM

Mosey to COP, Disclaimer, 20x SSH, 40x LBC, 20x Imperial Walkers. Mosey to tree line. Suicide 11’s with WWII situps and Merkins. Mosey to school. Triple Check, Balls to the walls, Merkins, and sprint to fence and back. Repeato x6. Ring of Fire, 5 Merkins, 2 simultaneous rounds. Mosey to tennis courts. Tracers on both sides, suicide, tracers on boths sides, backwards suicides, tracer. Mosey to shovel flag for 3 MOM, 40x American Hammers, 20x Rosalita, 20x Alabama prom dates. COT and prayer by YHC.

Circus Maximus
COP 20X Don Quixote 10X Merkins 20xLBc 15X Arm Circles, Luggage carry to Columns, Series 11, Overhead Lifts and Rows, Repeat Back. 10X Turkish Get Ups, Series 11 Squats and Tricep Curls, 20x Figure 8’s, Bus Loop Waiter Carry, Series 11, Side to side lifts, 40X Figure 8’s, Bus Loop Waiter Carry to Columns, Lunge Goblet Carry, then Back to Shovel Flag Area, Six Minutes of Mary Exchange, American Hammer, Rotate Weight to Left, Repeat, Rotate weight to left, Tricep Curls, Rotate weight to the left WW2 Situps.

COT by Johnsonville


Although YHC was the Q today, Splinter quickly began calling my shots. As we approached the trees, he yelled out 11’s, before we left the 11’s station, he predicted the triple check. After that, I would just ask him what we were doing next and follow his plan. Made the Q a little bit easier. On the 11’s Hardywood, Swirly, Dutch, Garbage Plate, and Sippy were in the lead. As a result, they had the privilege on doing the last loop once again.

Each AO has its own personality and flow to it. At Daville this week, everyone arrives a bit early, has some second F before the work out. Then, about two minutes before the workout, silence. Waiting for the impending doom? At 45 MOM, AO is almost deserted until 525. Swirly, myself and Oyster were the only ones there. I was a bit worried that it would just be us. Then the procession of cars began. Ended up with 19 with just sippy as a LIFO.

Since I am a juvenile at heart, I cannot write this backblast without mentioning that today is June 9th. Yes, middle school humor is still hilarious to me. I grow older, but only in body age, not mind age. IF you don’t get the humor, congratulations you have grown up (if you wanna know, just ask DK).

DK is now 4/4 at Bleeder workouts this week. Question is does he show up with a bike tomorrow??


Phonics is sponsoring a Corn Hole and Rock and Roll event Saturday at Marty’s in Mechanicsville. See Lab Rat of Phonics for details. He also has a 5k that he is involved in later this year. More details to come. F3 will have a presence at the event.

New AO opening on the 20th at Forrest Hill park, Monday morning. Name is Battou (spelling). YHC thought it was a really questionable name until I heard the origin of the name from Hardywood. Now I think it is kick ass.


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  1. Great q my shoulders are Dun!!! That was a great history lesson Hardywood, you never know what is going to happen at 530 in the morning.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Q TYA!
    Yep Splinter called it today for sure..
    Corporate immediately approved the Batteau (Forest Hill Park)as soon as Hardywood submitted it – well done Hardywood – looking forward to it bro..
    Splinter I think you and Labrat need to get in the lab and create us some F3RVA brew… As I said this morning you can only have one of the special F3RVA brews if you have participated in a workout that day – believe me guys it will make it that much more enjoyable , See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Nicely done today, Heavy lifting before breakfast makes the food taste better, Have a great 6/9!

  4. Hey Flipper thanks for the adjustment!! my shoulder will make it through the day….

  5. Döner Kebab on

    Ah yes, June 9th…the opposite of September 6th.
    Good Q, Bleeder. I wasn’t sure about those side-to-side lifts until my left side caught up to my right side.

  6. wait….what? A brew made special for F3 RVA? I’m in. It will taste like sweat and fresh cut grass.

  7. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Yep, my wife is from New Orleans.., so I should have gotten the spelling right

  8. Absolutely great Q TYA…My favorite balance of running and upper body. Felt properly spent. Very little mumble chatter however…probably due to the hard workout – coupled with TYA as Q and the absence of Lab Rat (missed ya man).

    First I ever heard of June 9th…mmm, now I get it. Looking back upon my school years that now explains a lot.

  9. Back at it next week…got to rest up for 100 miles of paddling this weekend. Glad to know I am missed, albeit because of the silence.

  10. I need an excuse to brew again and I think I just found one. I just need to clear it with our new social coordinator (Flashdance).

  11. Sounds great let me know if you need any help, as the social coordinator your brewing has been approved and we will look forward to having a release party of which I can help plan. FYI will I receive a pay raise for this new position?

  12. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Flashdance, your pay has been tripled. It will be reflected in your next pay check. FYI, paychecks come out at the same time dues are collected!