Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A run and a couple of versions of Old Glory


36 Faithful and 3 FNG’s posted this am at 3 AO’s across the RVA.

Old Glory DaVille Style

Mosey to COP, 25x SSH, 10x Merkins, 25x LBC. Mosey to Soccer fields for Old Glory. 2 Laps around the field. First corner 20x merkins, second corner 20x squat jumps, third corner 10x burpees, last corner 20x WWII situps. Do as many laps as you can in 30 minutes. Victory lap, person in lead carries flag, exchange the flag when passed. Mosey back to start for 3 minutes of Mary. 20x American hammers, 15x Rosalita’s, 20x LBC. COT and out into the day.

Old Glory NoToll Style

Mosey to COP, 20X SSH, Mosey to Soccer Fields, 2 laps around the Field Complex-Approx 1 Mile – then First Corner 20x Merkins, Second corner 20x jump Squat. Third Corner 10 Burpees, 4th Corner 20X WW2 Situps. 2 Laps to Wrap-up. COT by DK.

Spider Run

Hot Potato around UR… The Hot Potato began with Swirly and was passed to Sippy Cup, Saab, BT and Splinter. 5 1/2 miles of hills. Great run on a nice humid morning. COT by Splinter


Again, thanks to Swirly for hitting every AO this morning prior to posting at Spider Run, All AO’s were secure and no Seal Teams were sighted.

Reports have it that Lock Jaw had an injury, with the swelling of his foot has caused limited mobility, Ouch! Put come on Ice on that thing. Hoping that it’s not his driving foot. Bees Beware.

At both Old Glory’s, the Flag was carried;however, at DaVille the Flag exchanged hands 7 times. Jville had the privilege of carrying the flag for the First two laps at noToll with Viral and Rosie bringing it home to wrap up the final Laps, with HoneyDo hauling it back to the COT.

Thanks to DK for taking out At noToll with his testimonial about his F3 experience. Way to make it happen DK.

Bleeder was happy to report that his daughter graduated from High School yesterday. The Celebration lasted long into the night. She is headed off to Dickinson College in the Fall. MBleeder and Bleeder are very proud of her!

Discussions at noToll about the ever expanding PAX at DaVille; noToll Q explained that DaVille is a growth magnet thanks to Abacus, LabRat and Circle K. noToll’s PAX was able to complete up to 4.25 half mile loops. DaVille’s PAX hit a max 7 Quarter mile loops.

Post noToll at the local Coffeeteria with DK, Shooter, Bleeder and Rosie; DK reported that his family has entered the fun filled world of minivandom last night. Rosie, Shooter and Bleeder celebrated DK’s entrance into the world larger vehicles while enjoying the frequent breezes from the car and Buses passing us by on the nearby asphalt highway and Driv-thru. The group considered where would be the best patio in RVA that did not overlook a road or a parking lot.

Bleeder, Swirly, and TYA out


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  1. Well done to the Q threesome that is F3 corporate.

    If you are itching to name a new guy, DaVille is the place to be these days! Here is to hoping that we can continue….considering Mechanicsville expansion now.

    Way to work on both sides of the river, plus Spider Run! Tuesdays is becoming numbers day.

  2. Great job today. Old Glory in the summer humidity never fails to disappoint. Shout out to Oyster who overtook me to carry the flag for a while on the final laps.

  3. Great to consistently see FNG’s! Look forward to meeting them all!! F3 RVA is growing! Well done fellas!

  4. It rained at No Toll today right? I mean, I know it did, just didnt see it in the BB.

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great work @ all of the AO’s this morning !!
    See y’all in the gloom…

  6. Flipper always LIFOing. I guess you get a pass as our lone Goochland PAX.

    Run was great this morning; however, I can’t believe I missed TWO old glory’s today. I’ve been itching for an old glory and haven’t managed to pull one off yet. Soon enough!

    Nice work RVA!

  7. Honey Do RVA on

    Way to take us out at NoToll DK. And thanks for pushing me as we lost sight of Rosie after one lap, he is definitely ready for that half marathon!

  8. Döner Kebab on

    Shoutout to Rosie who made 4.25 look easy. There’s definitely a sense of an improving trend on the Old Glory numbers at NoToll. Way to go, fellas.

    Hostile Takeover update: 2 down, 4 to go. Respect.

  9. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Daville pax was working hard. Old glory was flying high and the last lap looked more like a Native American run than anything else.

  10. Johnsonville on

    It was a great morning for RVA. I intuitively knew we were in for an Old Glory, and sucked in the hurt (it almost came back up the 4th time around). Glad I made it!

  11. Well Old Glory did not let me down, I am still recovering from all those laps. But much respect to Honey Do, Rosie and Oyster for running with the flag!! P.S. I am setting up a Social at Brown’s Island and will make a post about the info…. stayed tuned

  12. Old Glory was no joke. My legs are smoked and I still hate burpees. Great to see that F3RVA had 39 guys this morning. 40+ coming soon. Great work gents.

  13. Thoroughly enjoyed the hot-potato run – felt like a perpetual climb. Kudos to Sippy, Marv, and Copernicus for logging extra (4) miles going to and from the AO. Only thing missing was carrying Old Glory so as to represent the proverbial hot potato.

  14. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    I can’t believe that I missed both Old Glory’s either. Well done, boys! Gotta say that I got my fill of the hills today, though. It’s always encouraging to know that as you gasp for air, Saab is there to run backwards up the hill in front of you and deliver some much appreciated mumblechatter to take your mind off of it.

  15. We had 40! I posted in Chapel Hill on T and W. Let’s set our sights on 50 – respect.