Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Trail Swim ?


7 strong warriors posted for a Sunday morning trail run. Weather was 75 and 85% humidity to start the run. Storms were supposed to roll in, but not until later in the day, so a sticky, muddy run was expected.

The Thang:

Northbank to Belle Isle, Belle Isle to Buttermilk, Buttermilk back to pump house. 7.5 miles total.


Summer has arrived in RVA. Did not seem too hot this morning, but the humidity was a killer. YHC went through a whole camelbak full or water and was still having difficulty keeping my core temperature down. When I finished, Phonics asked me if I had taken a dip in the river to cool off. In fact, I had not, but I think the a dip in the river would have dried me off a bit.

Saab informed me early on that he had a leg issue the day before and did not know how far he was going to be running. He said he was either going to bag early, maybe only do a few miles, or do the full loop with Forest Hill two times. So, he was either going to run less than three miles or 22 plus miles. I think he ended up on the 22 side, but have not heard officially.

Phonics was a Sunday run and a trail run virgin today. He did well running a good portion on the route with Saab. Offshore and Lab Rat spent a good amount of time together today. I heard Lab Rat talking a bunch, but never did heard anything from Offshore. Curious? Aisle 5 and I were towards the back of the pack today. We were joined on the Buttermilk trail by another trail runner. She was following closely behind Aisle 5 when Aisle 5 offered to move out of her way so she could pass. She said no, she was taking a casual run today because she had run a 50k last week. She asked to join us for the jaunt from Belle Isle to Reedy Creek where she was finishing. Debbie was an awesome runner, 64 years old, in great shape and started running when she was 54. Inspiring.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great run guys. Bleeder talked me out of the backblast title I was contemplating yesterday morning. Just a little bit too suggestive….See you on the trails next week.

  2. Yes please share…(she was 64!…wow).

    Enjoyed getting to know Phonics. (Lab Rat did remark on Phonics’ excessive chattiness – now that is really saying something.)

    Yes, what a difference a day (and fresh shoes) makes. Saab has learned a lesson (maybe) to not be so thrifty on his shoe replacements. In contrast to the extreme pain I experienced Saturday, was able to knock out over 23 – go figure.

    Way to push it guys. We are going to destroy Christmas at the BRR this year.

  3. Hey hey hey….I said chattiness, not excessive chattiness! You cant repress that in people, it leads to nervous twitches and boring workouts.

  4. So what if the 64 year old Debbie, who just ran a 50K, passed me on the trails while loosening her legs, I have no shame. I was running the trails on a beautiful Sunday morning and I wasn’t in Dallas. Amen TYA.