Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bernie, Backwards?


Four strong mosey into the gloom
The Thang
Mosey to tennis court

COP – Global Warming
20x SSH
20x Arm Circles both ways
20x Imperial Walkers
20x LBC
Mosey to the other end of the tennis courts

Tracers – Partner Style
mirror all lines touched, rotate 4x
Mosey to the football field sideline

Across football field
1 LBC / 10 Merkins
2 LBC / 9 Merkins
Reverse and repeat

Triple Nickle – Bernie Sanders
Run up hill backwards/mosey downhill forward
Slide step up/downhill
Run up hill/backwards down hill
5 Moses Malones at the top/5 Bobby Hurleys at the bottom

Mosey to the shovel flag
Howling Monkeys
3 rounds

YHC aka War Daddy attempted to bring the heat this a.m. only to find the members of the PAX were willing and ready. A couple of new exercises thrown into the workout was not enough to slow down this group.

The Tracer’s seemed like a good idea until YHC’s watch fell off which promptly led to Gumbo delivering the knockout blow. You may wonder how a watch falling off affects foot work. I’m not sure either, I just remember getting back up off my 6.

Items learned today; Rosie, Bobber & Gumbo can easily count to 10. Bobber can even count to 20. YHC is thankful!

YHC has commissioned a search party to find the missing south side PAX members. If anyone can help locate former SOT standouts: Wilson, Oyster, Aisle 5, Antivirus, & Iron let them know we meet Wednesdays 0530.

Extra Credit available 0500 for a pre-workout run next Wednesday.

Great work guys!


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  1. Strong Q Lug Nut. I’m still feeling the BERNies and those partner tracers really got the heart pumping. Your spill threw me off. I didn’t know if it was a test and I was supposed to mirror you and hit the deck. Strong recovery though and glad the watch cooperated for the remainder of the Q.

  2. Was never lost………….just sitting in DFW waiting! On vacation next week, but I will commit to keep my miles up……..ok I’ll get a few!

  3. That was some good Bern, excellent work Lugnut. Extra credit sounds good next week. I’m up for a few extra miles.