Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

MC Hill


13 Regulars and 6 FNGs, fought off the fartsack to face the foggy gloom on the last day of May.  YHC planted the shovel flag and we got straight to work.  This is how it went down:

Mosey to high school BBAL courts.  Circle up and perform the following exercises IC:

Invisible Jump Ropex25, DQx25, Invisible Jump Ropex15, Plank-Merkinsx10, reverse Plank-reverese plankx10, Invisible Jump Rope x 10

LBC Ring of Fire-Feet 6in of ground while the Pax performs LBCx5 for entire circle

Mosey to soccer field for interval work-divide soccer field in half, sprint first leg, mosey three legs, sprint second qtr, mosey other two qtrs. Repeat until sprint all qtrs

Mosey to parking lot at football field for Touch a Tree x1, x3, x5 with corresponding number of burpees at tree.

Mosey to MC Hill for Jacobs Ladder-Run to top, perform 1 merkin, run back to bottom of hill.  Repeato x 7.

Mosey back to Shovel Flag for Namerama and Countarama.

YHC took us out in prayer thanking God for our health and the strength and desire to improve our health.

Moleskin.  As YHC spent two of the three Holiday weekend evenings as grillmaster and overindulging, YHC planned a run heavy beatdown to cleanse YHC system to begin the week. It was great to have yet another record PAX for DaVille.  Welcome to all FNGs that posted this morning.  Phonics has been EHing some of todays FNGs for a couple of weeks.  Keep posting to improve yourself and the other members of the PAX.  YHC did not hear much mumblechatter this morning,  probably because YHC was sucking wind most of the workout.  Abacus has been talking to YHC about the hill at the end of service road behind the football field since the first DaVille beatdown.  YHC put it in todays plans and we had just enough time to traverse the steep incline during Jacobs Ladder.  AS we arrived at the bottom of the hill, YHC asked DDAY (he ran track at Atlee) if their was a name for this hill.  He responded NO, so YHC initially dubbed the obstacle DaVille Hill.  Upon return to the shovel flag, Abacus suggested an appropriate name for the hill would be MC Hill.  Reasoning for the name comes from Meg Menzies (maiden name Cross), who was an avid runner in the Hanover/Richmond running community.  Unfortunately, Meg was taken from her family and community in a tragic accident a few years ago.  As the first F of F3 is Fitness, it felt appropriate to honor Meg with a steep hill that was used this morning to increase the fitness levels of the men of F3 RVA.

DDAY (amateur movie producer) was filming this morning’s workout.  As YHC is alerted to its publication on social media, YHC will post.


Many workouts around RVA were highlighted to the FNGs in addition to DaVille.

DaVille and Spider Run tshirts are available for order for two more days.

Reesestrong Corn Hole and Rock and Roll event June 11 at Martys to benefit childhood cancer research-see Phonics for details

UR camp (multisport) sponsored by Fellowship of Christian Athletes-see Quarter for details.

Circle K out!!!


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  1. Way to work this morning gents. As always, it was a pleasure and honor to lead the men of F3 RVA.

  2. 6 FNGs!! The cot must have taken 45 minutes alone. That’s the most I have seen for a AO. Nice work Circle K. Hey thanks again for shovel flag I will get some good beer for you and Lab Rat!!!

  3. COT’s at DaVille have been interesting to say the least the last couple weeks! So glad to have the massive in flux of participants to F3, and well done to Circle K for keeping it all together this morning with the variety of fitness levels that posted….not an easy task. I am looking forward to see what this new Pax is going to morph into over the summer.

    Loved the MC Hill Jacob’s ladder portion this morning.

  4. MC Hill – what a honor to run on that hill that has now been so rightfully named. We now need to make a placard and a shoe memorial to cement the name.

    Just think the last 3 workouts under Da’Ville we have seen a total of 17 FNGs named. KaBOOM!!!

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    6 FNG’s – freaken DaVille is killing it – well done !!!!

  6. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    I’m wondering if Lab Rat, Abacus or Circle K got a motion passed at the city council meeting that requires all Mechanicsville men to get out of the fartsack and head to Daville. That FNG count is as strong as new rope. Well done, boys!