Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Youth Movement and Remembrances


A beautiful morning greeted the GridIron PAX – seven of the Faithful and three FNGs gathered this Memorial Day weekend to enthusiastically embrace the workout and enjoy the fellowship. We also set aside a few moments to reflect on those who have sacrificed so much – the armed services members who lost their lives in the service of this Nation, and the loved ones left behind to grieve profound losses.

Welcome and disclaimer


x20 SSHs IC
x20 Seal Jacks IC
x20 Don Quioxtes IC
x20 Imperial Walkers IC
x20 Hillbillies IC (courtesy of J’Ville)
x20 Plank Jacks IC
x20 Carolina Drydocks IC
x20 Alabama Prom Dates IC

Mosey to WildCat gridiron and post to bleachers:

Dips and Carolina Dry Docks/Merkins (Split Squad PAX) – AMRAP Tibatta

Eight-Count Body Builders (Pan PAX)

Mosey to gridiron school front:

The Beast (modified) –

– Karaoke with x10 SSHs per station (x6)
– Skips with x10 Seal Jacks per station (x6) with Bear Crawls up and down hill (120 yards) and plank medley at return end zone (240 yards)
– Long Strides (not quite lunges) with x10 Arm Circles (forward up and reverse back) per station (x6) with Bear Crawls up and down hill (120 yards)
– Run with x10 Arm Circles (forward up and reverse back) per station (x6) with Bear Crawls up and down hill (120 yards) and plank medley at return end zone (240 yards)
– Run with x10 ??? per station (x6) with Bear Crawls up and down hill (120 yards) and plank medley at return end zone (240 yards)
– Long Strides (not quite lunges) with x10 Alabama Prom Dates per station (x6) with Bear Crawls up and down hill (120 yards) and planks at return end zone (240 yards)

Mosey to the Flag Pole for further reflection on Memorial Day

Circle up around Flag Pole for Superman, rinse and repeat (TClaps to Jolly Rancher and Chum Bucket for choral leads)

Mosey to school front for abbreviated Triple Check

Mosey back to parking lot

Two Minutes of Mary – leg raises and penmanship (All Caps)


Counterama and Numberama

Fun as usual with naming FNG’s, some did better than others but no suggestions so offensive to deter sophomore postings

Announcements – River Run on Monday with later start at 0700; need a Q for The Punisher on Monday and starting time determination (if not normal 0545 start) – check for BackBlasts and comments.

Strong closing prayer by Attila


DK sailed into Pouncey Tract harbour accompanied by Joseph who, immediately upon his disembarkation from his motorized Pequod, proudly stated: “Call me DK Jr.” – the PAX gently reminded this precocious 7 yo that, while we admired his pre-emptive attempt to self name, he was simply FNG (emphasis on Friendly) until the PAX named him during COT. His was a strong post, and he cooperated with the PAX seeking an occasional Restrictor Plate. After numerous suggestions and after due consideration, the PAX annointed this young man (after an explanation that quadruple Hate was a really good thing) as The Chicken Whisperer in honor of his superb backyard egg collection skills. It was decided that C-Dubs was an appropriate truncation of his F3 handle and we understand he will answer to both his formal and nick-F3 names.

The PAX also welcomed FNG Jim (of the Respect generation) and his 11 yo son, FNG Eli, neighbors of YHC. YHC offered an American Dental Association approved name for FNG Jim; but the PAX seized on Ragweed for reasons that probably related more to C-Dubs’ frequent sneezing (remarkably, the sneezes actually outnumbered Atilla’s yawns) than it concerned the state of his backyard turf. Yale seemed like a natural name for FNG Eli based on his given name being the traditional nickname of the denizens of the mobster trade school in New Haven. YHC thought that Ivory and Yale were a clever pairing for a father-son team but alas the will of the PAX abides and so we welcome Ragweed and Yale to F3Nation.

Strong participation by all the PAX today – the Youth Movement (Yale, Jolly Rancher, and The Chicken Whisperer) went hard at the workout and called some counts in the Pan PAX 8Count BBers – quick learners. All three also called some down-counts during transitions – well done young leaders! And a healthy competition was observed as Yale and JR dueled throughout the Beast and turned the finishing mosey to a barn burner sprint – they reported that Chum Bucket’s first-place finish was aided by a flying squirrel that allegedly impeded the pre-teen Bolts’ finish. Protest noted and denied for lack of credible evidence – victor spoils to Chum.

In addition to his strong finish, Chum Bucket, as is his norm, glided thru the Beast and then aided JR’s rendition of the Superman theme song. Attila took the point to kick off the Beast and plans to bring at least one of his boys on the next youth rally at the GridIron. White Deer was underwhelmed by the Beast until the addition of the midway Bear Crawls – his chief complaint was focused on the purposeful small number of Merkins during today’s workout. DK demonstrated some fine form on the long strides reminding the PAX of Bad Bad Leroy Brown. J’Ville was disappointed that this morning’s recipe did not include the American Hammer, though his ego was boosted by his Clown Car chauffeur who offered glowing accounts of J’Ville’s extraordinary form at the most recent Circus Maximus.

Coffeeteria at Chick-fil-a – great fellowship that included a wide range of subject matter (including discussions at one end of the table concerning Steinback and Sci-Fi literature and movies as well as what appeared to be Rubik’s Cube successes at the other table end).

May we “highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain – that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” – Abraham Lincoln


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  1. Strong work gentlemen! Welcome to the new FNGs, young and younger. A father-son Saturday workout would be fun. I’d like to see all the 2.0 generation getting after it.

  2. Döner Kebab on

    C Dubs is definitely up for another workout…maybe again at Grid Iron this Saturday!