Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Charles Bronson makes his F3 debut


17 Pax didnt have anywhere else to be this holiday Saturday morning, so why not come work out?  Sounds great, let’s get busy…


  • SSH
  • Hillbillies (the Johnsonville Hop)\
  • arm circles, reverso
  • Break Dancers (much preferred name to step outs)
  • Crab Cakes
  • Pass the Q to HoneyDo so that he can call out his beloved Richard Kimbles (X10 OYO)
  • From pavement to inner circle:
    • bear crawl, crawl bear back out
    • crab walk, walk crab back out
    • plank walk, walk plank back out


  • Charles Bronson
    • X50 SSH, sprint to second flag, army crawl to third flag, slow jog to first flag
    • X50 Burpees, sprint to second flag, army crawl to third flag, slow jog to first flag
    • X50 Merkins, sprint to second flag, army crawl to third flag, slow jog to first flag
    • X50 LBC’s, sprint to second flag, army crawl to third flag, slow jog to first flag
    • X50 Jump Squats, sprint to second flag, army crawl to third flag, slow jog to first flag
    • When finished, run the Carillon steps, alternate between American hammers and flutter kicks between each pass
  • 11’s in the Ampitheater
    • American Hammers at the bottom of the ampitheater
    • Freddie Mercuries at the top steps
  • Behind the flags Indian Run- 1 lap around the greenway then back to the truck.
  • 1 minute of Mary- extended Superman.


  • Reminder to say personal word of thanks for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.
  • “The Man in the Arena” by Teddy Roosevelt


YHC did the “Charles Bronson” workout many moons ago while training for his first Tough Mudder event.  It was developed by a TM legend known as “Mustache Man”…YHC remembers it kicking butt back then, so was wondering how the Pax would do.  Lab Rat 2.0’s dry erase board was brought in to play so that the pax could concentrate on the task at hand, and not remember the excersizes and orders.  Dry erase board seemed to be much appreciated.

Also brought in to play were 3 shovel flags that were carried with the pax from spot to spot (and served as the Bronson markers).  Most pax had the opportunity to take turns carrying a flag for at least a short distance.  This was so well received that Hardywood borrowed one for his run back to his car parked at Ellwood Thompsons!  YHC decided that was a momentus occasion worthy of capturing, and was delighted to find Saab running along side for a truly spectacular image of patriotism and athletic endurance.

Speaking of athletic endurance, T-claps to Saab, Sippy Cup, and Hardywood for moseying to and from The Dell this morning.  Yall are inspirations to us mortals.

T-claps as well to the newer pax members for posting up this morning, way to work Gentlemen!  Most notably Spit and Grabber (coming in hot from Daville), as well as Lost and Found, who YHC had the pleasure of meeting for the first time this morning.  Also, glad to see Viral back in the mix….although his merlot would have benefited from a 45 minute workout!  Way to hang in there thru the Suck!

YHC broke tradition this morning and took us out with “The Man in the Arena” speech by Teddy Roosevelt.  YHC had two thoughts for doing this instead of the traditional prayer:

  1.   A reminder to the Pax that although most of us are Christian, F3 is welcome to ALL men, regardless of religious calling.
  2. It is a bad-ass quote that absolutely applies to all those that “dare greatly” every single morning they crawl out of that warm fart-sack and embrace the gloom with their fellow F3 brothers.  We are a group of doers, and there is no room for “cold and timid souls” in this group of men.


  • Daville and Spider Run T-shirts pre order thru June 1.  Free shipping thru memorial day if using the code: REMEMBER
  • Trail run 7:00 a.m. same bat channel.
  • River Run on Monday moved to 7 a.m.  See preblast for details.
  • Punisher on Monday special Memorial Day time and AO change:  7 a.m. at Tredegar Parking lot for the Belle Isle footbridge.  Preblast announcement coming.
  • F3 Richmond Linked In group is live!  Start networking with your brothers in the Gloom!
  • Congrats to Swirly 2.0 for HS graduation!
  • Thoughts and prayers (and opportunities) for Viral, who is looking at a layoff in the near future.  Hopefully he can put some details on what he is looking for out there….maybe on the Linked In page???

A pleasure to lead this morning, gentlemen.


Lab Rat


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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    You’d have to have a death wish to not be smoked by the Charles Bronson. Good work by the new Dogpile pax. Nice work Lab rat.

  2. Great Q Lab Rat. The CB is brutal and certainly set the tone. Strong showing this morning by the F3 RVA pax with 27 posting at the two locations. Way to answer the bell this morning. Pleasure as always to work and sweat with such a fine group. See you all in the gloom.

    P.s. Thanks for the SF Lab Rat. I feel official now and ready for my next Q.

  3. Mini Merlot bottle splashed. Next time I’ll make it around with the flag. :/

    Thanks for the prayers fellas and I can’t wait to start my new career as the premier hop farmer to all these breweries that keep sprouting up in town 😀

    Maybe I’ll try LinkedIn first though …

  4. Nice work men sorry I was not there I am at the beach but I did run and do a self imposed beat down. Not the same without the pax, missing all the jokes and prayers, take care!! FD over and out.

  5. Good work fellas!!! I drove an hour and 15 from the lake to post at the F3 Durham/Raliegh beatdown. Good guys, RVA had me well prepared!!

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Nice Q Labrat .. I liked that Charles Bronson man that thing hurts… Way to work fella’s hope you all have a good safe Memorial Holiday and as Bleeder had us do Friday Morning after the run – find the time to take a moment of silence during this weekend – for we have much to be thankful for!