Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Original Hit by the Original Artist


Sunny 70
16 Faithful posted this early morning in a not so gloomy gloom. 13 RAMM runners and 3 RAMM GearHeads. The Q’s gave directions and it was supposed to look like this.


Starting at the School Parking lot, Run toward the Boulevard on Grove, 4 mile loop Turn at LaFayette, 5 Mile Loop turn at Roseneath , 6.2 Mile loop turn at Boulevard, Back down Grove to Three Chopt, then back to the Shovel Flag.


Intervals, Hills, and Gear changes and back to the Shovel Flag

COT in Silence


Kudos to the six individuals who opted not to Drive to the AO this morning, Ricky Bobby and Abacus were vying for furtherest distance away( Out by Collegiate and Somewhere near Daville), Sippy and Saab were a close 3rd and 4th both running from their neighborhoods that are nowhere near the AO, with NoTools riding in from Worldwide Head Quarters on Hamilton. Followed by MARV, who moseyed his way into a still strong 6th place from his house.

Stifler’s mom discussions were abound this morning, Rumors of late night dinners and other intesinal combatants were to blame for the emergency procedures that apparently were executed or not executed this morning, the details of the incidents were sketchy at best. Thankfully there were no Seal team members with clipboards to document the actual occurrence. ( Today the role of Stifler’s Mom is going to be played by Pucker, a Jville Understudy)

It was an awesome site to see the huge crowd of Runners crossing Libbie at a serious pace to finish their loops under the 45 minute Window. Leading the Pack were Rosie and Dutch, both of whom came flying by Lug Nut and YHC with a glamorous comment “Only a Half mile to go!”

The reports on the GEAR group came in intervals, Ricky Bobby taking the Q, The Group did a series of Intervals and hit the hills around of UR before heading back to the Shovel Flag, Abacus was proving to be a machine in cranking as if he was just using the Throttle in a race car. He was able to give a pointer or two on the cadence and Level pedal strokes. NoTolls reported back in at Worldwide HQ that he rode over 30 miles this morning, rumor has it he saw Saab on the South side of the River just before crossing the Nickel Bridge and then again as he was coming back across the Mayo bridge in Downtown Richmond somewhere near the Federal Reserve building. (THIS JUST IN —- TYA Reported seeing Saab Crossing Lake Charles in Louisiana at 8:15 this morning) ( NOTE to self – New F3 RVA T-Shirt idea design – Where in the world is Saab? — Saab does abide)

With the unofficial start of Summer this weekend, Today was the first time this year YHC was able to run over 4 miles, the last time YHC was able to do that was in November before YHC accident tripped over a Horseshoe(it was NOT Lucky). Thanks to Lug Nut for sticking with YHC today, Not sure who was helping who today, (Pretty sure YHC was not helping Lug Nut.) YHC was happy to say that no pain in the problomatic left knee while running was a major step in the right direction. YHC is looking forward to a Summer of Running, with the occasional Bike throw into the mix; Thanks to the bike, YHC was able to recover and run again this early(Against all medical advice/ common sense) or even a have chance to make the BRR. Thanks to everyone in F3 RVA for the support through some cold frostbitten days on the Bike; YHC could not have done it without you guys!

When we talk about leadership, it comes in many different forms. Celebrating the lives that were given for our country this memorial day, it is just one way people demonstrate the gratitude of a grateful nation. Being a leader, somedays is just about being thankful for what you have, and realizing that many pieces that had to fall into place in order for us to be where we are today. The moment of silence in the COT today was for many reasons; Honoring those who gave their lives, showing that I don’t possess the words or the ability properly and adequately express my gratitude, and ultimately every person has to clear their mind for what they want and/or need; Silence gives everyone that chance of reflection.

Peace out. Bleeder


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Normal Schedule through the Weekend. Check @F3Richmond for any changes the Q’s may have for the Holiday on Monday times.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    That’s one hell of a Backblast Bleeder- well said all the way around bro! Great job today guys and thank you all for waiting an extra 5min or so for me to mossy on in…. What a beautiful sunny and 70 morning and what a blessing it is to be part of this great group of men – aye!!!
    See y’all in the gloom.

  2. Great work men and great BB Bleeder. Sorry I missed it this morning. Had to be home early to celebrate little Gumbos 10th bday.

    See some of you at Dogpile tomorrow. To the rest of you, have a great Memorial Day weekend and be safe if traveling.

  3. Bleeder- Loved the silent circle this morning. A thing of beauty. It never crossed my mind that silence could be so….peaceful. hmmmmm

  4. Inspirational, entertaining, and what great way to close it out Bleeder.

    Mark it dude

  5. Ricky Bobby RVA on

    Great BB Bleeder!
    RAMM Gears had a great ride this morning. As Bleeder said all three riders made it in on pedal power and were therefore ready for RB Sprints up and down Grove. Two blocks on and two off, repeat x2. (Mosey) to hills at U of R. Return to Shovel flag. Way to crank it men!

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
    Ricky Bobby

  6. Great BB Bleeder. Way to push it through the first (of many) rather warm RAMM/RAMM Gears Friday am workouts gents. Have a good Memorial Day weekend fellas. Let us remember all who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

    Circle K