Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



10 posted for some perfect running weather at Spider Run.  Here’s how it went down.., or close to it.

Route:  Run out of UR Commons on Richmond Way towards Westhampton Way.  Right on Westhampton to the bottom of the hill then back up Westhampton, right on Gateway, left on Campus Dr, cross Boatwright to go through path to Wheeler.  Make a left on Wheeler and run to the bottom of the hill at Shrewsbury and Horsepen.  Repeat running up the baby hill from Horsepen to Ridge Top for 10 minutes.  Gather PAX and make a left on Ridge Top.  Run to the bottom of the hill at the corner of Chandler, and run up and down Chandler hill till 6:05.  Take a right on Gardiner back to Wheeler, run back through the wooded path on Wheeler, back down Campus Dr and return to the Commons.  Get convinced by Sippy to run a lap around the lake.

NMM:  Where to begin on this episode?  Not being a native or former student of UR, YHC looked at a map to see how we would get up the hill to Boatwright.  Following one hand gesture towards the South end of the Commons half the PAX began a mutiny about the directions.  This resulted in us taking the more direct route to Westhampton on the North end of the Commons.  As TYA put it so eloquently at the end of the run when the grumbling continued, “did anyone really get lost?”  Of course not, but we all know the burden of Q at 0530.  Do people get lost when there are cryptic historical references or twelve turn routes on note cards.., usually.

The PAX also managed some comments as we did the warmup hill repeats on Shrewsbury, but there seemed to be very few concerns about a lack of difficulty when we started doing repeats on Chandler.  YHC unintentionally “punked” TYA and Swirly by telling them they only needed to run the hill one more time.  YHC just didn’t appreciate their speed.

We finished our little gathering by watching one of the paid workout groups do some PT on the hill beside The Commons.  Corporate went into audit mode and could be barely be contained from taking out the clipboard manager.


Thanks to DK for leading a great 3rd event at Doorways last night!  I’m sure he will post a BB.

Offshore claims to be putting together a cycling team for the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure.  As there was no pre blast for this, it’s authenticity was in question, but here it is http://main.diabetes.org/site/TR/TourdeCure/TourdeCureContentHybrid?fr_id=11465&pg=entry  You’re welcome!  PS: Offshore wants it noted that Toga will not be in attendance.

Hill run tomorrow is likely at Hillcrest, but check back for TYA’s announcement

Fudd may be planning some kind of 2nd F event where he wants his F3 brothers to build a shed for him.  This should not be mistaken for a 3rd F event like DK organized.  Seriously, he really is planning this for the weekend of 6/4.  Surely there will be a BB??

Spartan Race 9/24 for those who don’t own a road bike, are recovered from the BRR, or just think it will be fun.  See pre blast or contact Toga.

The Hampton Roads expansion is delayed until further notice.  More to follow on this or another expansion location soon.

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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Enjoyed it fella’s great run this morning way to push it.
    See y’all in the gloom..
    Hey great to hear we had good participation at all the AO’s this morning.. Corporate like it !!

  2. Nice hill workout Toga.

    I think we need to relocate our COT away from SealTeam activity – for both Swirly’s health, and for their safety.

    Saabinator out

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