Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An Opportunity to Serve


Eight members of Richmond’s PAX gathered at a the Doorways to prepare and serve dinner for its guests Monday evening. Here’s how it went down:

London gave the PAX a brief tour of the facilities, Richmond’s largest hospitality house with 112 rooms. Guests include patients and their families who are away from home to receive medical treatment. The average stay of a guest is 2 weeks…and some are there for months.

More on the Doorways:

Cook breakfast for dinner using all 4 kitchen areas:
Gumbo – waffles
Earthworm – pancakes & biscuits
London – pancakes & running point
HoneyDo – pancakes & sausages
Fudd – eggs & sausages
Rosie – bacon, sausages & eggs
Toga – bacon, sausages & eggs
DK – grits & running point

Serve dinner to 35-40 guests.

Eat with guests.

Clean up & tidy kitchen.

YHC really appreciates all of the time (3 hours + travel time) & effort put in by the PAX to make the meal a terrific success. We worked great as a team and prepared the meal in a little over an hour. There were loads of leftovers we left for breakfast this morning.

Cheers to London for the tour…and for helping out.

If you ever need to cook waffles, Gumbo is your guy. The dude was the first to start, the first to produce output, and the only one to return to work after clean up.

If you ever need to cook sausage, HoneyDo is not your guy.

Toga & Rosie’s oven roasted bacon received several compliments from the guests.

Fudd cracked 90 eggs (not a euphemism).

The Doorways could use some salt & pepper.

YHC would be happy to plan a repeated service project @ The Doorways if more folks are interested.

Apologies to London & Gumbo and Earthworm: the group picture was taken after London & Gumbo left…and while Earthworm was visiting with guests.


F3 @ The Doorways


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  1. Great fellowship indeed! TClaps to DK for organizing. We might not win any James Beard Awards anytime soon, but I think the F3 kitchen was a well-oiled machine — well at least the front kitchen that I shared with Earthworm, London and Honey Do. It was a pleasure gentlemen.

    I think a return trip would be a great idea – maybe it could be a quarterly outreach for us?

    London — see you at Circus Maximus on Thursday!

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Next time I will remember my F3 shirt, I wasn’t the only one though as some of us have day jobs. Seriously T-Claps to DK for getting thins going. Next time a Taco bar- I can bring salsa!

  3. Good times with great fellowship for an excellent cause. Thanks for setting it up DK and Tclaps to London for the tour and for helping out with the cooking and set up.

  4. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Impressive! I’m guessing from the smiles that Toga the Kitchen Nazi did not make an appearance.