Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The River Downs Rollercoaster


3 Southside runners (I use that term loosely for YHC) posted on this soggy Monday morning for the second edition of #RVARiverRun to get our weeks off to a strong start.  The course took us out 2 miles into YHC’s neighborhood and up the formidable Queens Grant Drive hill up to what I believe is unofficially the highest point in Chesterfield County.  After a short plateau, we took to the downhill on Royal Crest Drive to the 2 mile mark and then hit the REVERSE button and headed back to James River High School.


J-ville made an emergency pit stop in the plush woodlands of River Downs. YHC sent the search party for him and was assured he was ok, while Rosie cruised along as if Sippy Cup was pacing him out of the neighborhood.

The three of us reconvened on the loop around JRHS and Bettie Weaver to close out the 45 minute-jaunt.

Good hills, a light rain and great company.  Good run gents.




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