Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Trail Run without Pace Cars


Four PAX opened the trails this morning with a group trail run.

The Thang: Southside to Forest Hill loop and back.  7.75+ miles.

NMM: YHC was assuring Aisle 5 that he was happy to take a slower pace when Hardywood jumped out of his car ready to rock the trail in his Jesus Gladiators.  Saab arrived soon after, announcing that he was nearly spent and was approaching 40 miles of running for the three day weekend.  As it turned out, the PAX had little trouble staying together – nice work, gentlemen.

TYA skidded into the parking lot on his way to the RiverRock half marathon on the trail.  Were it not for high-performance tread on the Civic, YHC’s legs would have been pinned between two cars.  TYA broke out his nice shorts for running behind “pace cars” in the race.  The PAX hoped TYA and LabRat had good races, and also hope that TSB heals soon from an ankle injury.  Also, best of luck to LabRat’s dog in becoming the Ultimate Air Dog.

The PAX passed a water station for the race.  The volunteers seemed confused, gave some disapproving looks, and were not about to practice their water distribution skills on the PAX.  They couldn’t fathom that the PAX were leading the race?

Because of the rain, YHC had thoughts of trying to get into Maymont and Hollywood Cemetery somehow and staying on pavement.  The PAX persuaded him that the trails would be fine and they were.  During the Forest Hill loop, the PAX crossed a creek that was higher than usual.  Hardywood had no problems in his sandals, so he busied himself rearranging the boulders in the creek while the rest carefully climbed from rock to rock across.  It sounded like trucks were tipping over on Riverside Drive.  If LabRat were there, he would have been half a mile down the trail in wet shoes.

YHC announced that his M will have an opportunity to meet Bret Michaels tonight after his show.  The PAX cautioned that it would probably be best for her not to go alone.  YHC remembered his show “Rock of Love,” or rather the Saturday Night Live parodies of it.  Unfortunately, the web seems to have been (almost) scrubbed of clips.

Excitement is mounting for the BRR.  Saab stated that it is part of his training regimen for the race-that-shall-not-be-named.

YHC is organizing a cycling team for the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure on September 24th.  Here is our team page: http://main.diabetes.org/site/TR/TourdeCure/TourdeCureContentHybrid?pg=team&fr_id=11465&team_id=727926.  If there is enough interest, perhaps we can form a separate F3 team.  YHC pledges to satisfy any F3 registrant’s fundraising requirements.


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  1. Enjoyed chatting with Hardywood and learning his back story. Shared similar experiences and thoughts regarding how we came to F3 and the positive difference it has made.

    Way to work Aisle 5 and keep it up. BRR will be worth it.

    Offshore, just remind M that behind that wholesome schoolboy image he is just another long-haired rock star…so watch out.

    Best to TYA and Lab Rat today for completing the River Rock Half-Marathon. Way to go guys.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Hated to miss the trail run this morning… So much so that I had to stop by on my way to the other run.

    Thanks to everyone for the runs the past couple years. I had a great 1/2 today, especially given that I did nothing outside the regular F3 runs to prepare. Legs and body actually feel better after the 1/2 than after one of our longer trail jaunts. Running with you guys has made me a much stronger runner. For that I am thankful!

    See you next week on the trails

    TYA out

  3. Thanks for the positive vibes on the run, especially Hardywood who came out to cheer us on thru the course!

    Also, thanks to TYA for signing up with me. I really appreciate all the guys that came out to watch the dog jumps too! TYA, Circle K, Wedding Singer, and Offshore all were spotted in the crowds!

    I dont know what TYA is talking about, I am brutally sore today…