Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Don Quixote 20x, Helicopters 15x, Imperial Walkers (20x), LBCs 25x, Diamond Merkins 10x.
Full body: In circle, Bear crawl to center, 5x merkins, crawl bear back 5x merkins. Crab walk to center, 5x merkins, backwards crab walk, 5x merkins, Army crawl to center, 5x merkins, backwards army crawl back, 5x merkins, forward lunge to center 5x merkins, backwards lunge 5x merkins.
Legs: Mosey to hill behind amphitheater. Skip up hill (well beyond crest) to sippy cup. Butt kickers back down. Repeat focusing on skipping high. Mosey to amphitheater. 5x peoples chair (10-20 count each) except no back support, lowering butt to just off the first stone step and holding.
Upper body: Head to top of amphitheater and descending dips 18 down to 1. Mosey to pullup bars for partner pullups 1 to 5 and 5 to 1 chinups. Run down an up the pipe, with an isometric parallel bar hold waiting for the six.
Fun: Mosey to field for ultimate Frisbee. Split up into teams, play with regular rules except every time the disc hits the ground everyone does 5 merkins.
Mosey back to flag for LBCs and American Hammers (20x).
Naked Moleskin.
In the last month some F3 workouts have been damp, some wet, and some just a full on deluge. Today was the deluge type, but after a few minutes of getting warmed up, the PAX didn’t complain too much about the weather—at least it was fairly warm. The slippery soil made for an interesting run on the puddle-filled trail, and there were some exciting slip and slides during ultimate. But the rain made it a memorable workout and kept everyone cool. Attitudes were surprisingly good throughout, except for the uphill skipping which turned out to be quite a glute burner. We’ll certainly seethat one again. The game of ultimate (inspired by Marv’s VQ earlier this week) made for a fun ending to the workout.

Hardywood again showed his prowess in lunging—he strides farther than even Splinter and gets that knee all of the way down. Bleeder also was at least twice as fast as the rest of the PAX on bear crawls. Swirly knocked out the upper body work as is typical. It was nice to see Viral back, and he showed some serious skills on the ultimate field with some good forehands. And the pullups are improving for everyone. Great work today, guys.

It’s a pleasure to lead as always.


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  1. You topped yourself again Sippy. Incorporating merkins into ultimate frisbee was a nice touch…helped to slow the pace a bit for us old guys struggling to keep up.

    Saab out

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent workout Sippy – really enjoyed playing in the rain – way to push it fellas !
    See y’all in the gloom …

  3. Great Q in the rain Sippy. Perfect intro for Cliffhanger, he enjoyed it all, especially the pipeline and frisbee.

  4. Welcome cliffhanger..: great work!! I felt like a wuss gassed by skipping.. Great Q sippy

  5. Good to be back! That was the best sort of punch in the face welcome back workout possible! 😀