Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lots of 11s


9 strong posted for a, slightly modified from original plan, beatdown at WDog.  Quick saunter from the SF to the east loop for COP.


– SSH x25
– Don Quixote x15
– Hellicopter x15
– Copperhead Squat x15

The Thang

11s from circle to circle.  Merkins / Jump Squats.  Run to the west circle and start round 1 with 10 merkins and 1 jump squat.  Run back to east circle for next round of 9/2.  Back and forth until 1/10.  Plank-o-rama while PAX finishes.

Quick mosey to base of Carillon for… 11s.  Burpees / WWII.  Start at the base of the Carillon, run to the top platform for 10 burpees and 1 WWII sit-up.  Run back to the bottom platform for 9/2.  Up and down until 1/10.  Flutter kicks for the unfortunate PAX members that finished early.

Quick jaunt to the pull up bars for upper body isolation.  3 sets of 5 overhand pull ups, 5 underhand pull ups, 5 derkins on the bars.  Just stand there and look tired until the rest of the PAX finishes.

Quick excursion to the amphitheater for final iteration of 11s.  Dips / LBCs.  Start at the bottom of amphitheater and run up 11 levels (stairs) for 10 dips and 1 LBC.  Back down to the bottom for 9/2.  Continue until 1/10.  Al Gore (dealer’s choice) until PAX finishes.

Final journey to SF.


YHC had planned on introducing #OldGlory to #WDog today but noticed yesterday evening that Circle K led an #OldGlory workout at #DaVille yesterday.  Plan was still in effect until Circle K rolled up right before 5:30.  YHC had a general backup plan but audibles were necessary.

There were many steps introduced during today’s workout.  Those of us that were taking those steps multiple at a time during 11s #1 and 11s #2 were clearly not taking multiples in 11s #3.  YHC thinks Saab (or as Columbia knows him: Sab, Sub, or Serb) left wanting more.  Perhaps next time.

There was general disappointment that we did not complete a round of 11s on the pull up bars.  Someone mentioned mutiny was brewing but YHC would have been completely toasted had that been in the works.

11s #3 brought many grumbles and glares from the PAX.  YHC is grateful for Bleeder as he fully embraced the extra round of stairs.  However, there was clearly some liberal interpretation of “11 stairs up” by several members of the PAX.  You know who you are.

Thanks as always for letting me lead.  See everyone in the gloom.

Splinter out.



  1. Nice beatdown Splinter.

    I distinctly thought I heard “7s”…my bad.

    Stairs…No mas

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    As usual way to bring the pain Splinter – not sure why those WW11 were so painful but they were mixed with those burpees..
    See y’all in the gloom.

  3. This was a great ad-lib workout. I like using the 11s at various parts of the AO. I might be copying some of this in the future.

  4. Splinter I now realize I didn’t miss you as much as I thought I did. Great Q …great work guys!