Wednesday, December 1
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dry at No Toll??

  • Where: No Toll
  • When: 5/17/16
  • QIC: Ricky Bobby
  • The Pax: E.F. Hutton, Isle 5, Wilson, Shooter, Lugnut, Doner Kebab, Wedding Singer, Swirly, FlashDance, Gumbo, Rosie, Honey Do, Johnsonville. Ricky Bobby

14 posted for a dry start to a wet day!

The Thang:

Short run towards the park entrance and then upstream jog back past the flag to the curbs.

COP: Don Q’sx20, SSHx20, dead leg lift (toy soldier), 5xsmall arm circles, 5x large, 10x Durkin on the curbs, 10x backward plank dips

Mosey to fields for The Beast

round 1 Lunges, round 2 Merkins, round 3 Bear crawl, round 4 Bunny Hops, round 5 Burpee, round 6 LBC.  Elbow planks while collecting pax.

Mosey to parking lot for double check.  Pair up and one pax pole smoker’s while the other takes a lap. 2x

Mosey back to field for a quick Ring of Fire.  5 LBC while the pax holds in LBC position.

Mosey to flag for 30 seconds of Merkins.  Every second counts men!

COT: YHC lead us out in prayer

Announcements:  Hill Run Wednesday evening with Honeydo. 5:30. Beers to follow. see pre-blast.

Great work men! Thanks for the opportunity to lead. The heavens held back this fine morning and we enjoyed the soft grass for a change.



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