Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Southside has hills too


The inaugural #RiverRun saw 5 strong post in the surprising cold May air for a tour of the hills offered on the Southside.


Down James River Road, past Splinter’s old stomping grounds, toward the park, right on Riverton Ridge, up into Tarrington.  Up the Ashwell Drive hill to Robious Road.  Through the bushes to Powderham Lane.  Left on Twin Team Lane and down the hill.  Loop around the school parking lots and back to the shovel flag.  A nice easy 4+ miles


YHC thought Gumbo would post since it the new AO is close to his house but when he didn’t show by 0530 we were off.   He caught up to us toward the top of Tarringinton, apparently he misjudged the running time from his house and showed up a few minutes late.  Tclaps to him for running to the AO.

DK’s dreams are apparently not based in any sort of reality since he relayed his latest fartsack fantasy that VMI won the men’s NCAA basketball tournament.

Those at Swirly’s Dogpile agreed that the pull ups caused some good muscle soreness.  Especially Gumbo who completed a perfect nose dive off the bars with Bleeder’s assistance on Saturday.

YHC wanted to give the PAX a tour of the hill options on the south side.  Bleeder noted that the Ashwell hill has some length not seen many places in RVA.  Twin Team has some great potential for steep hill repeats.  The PAX was a little unsure about crossing Robious onto Powderham Lane until YHC showed the way through the bushes, insider knowledge needed here.


Look for another backblast about the F3 service project on 5/23 at the Doorways.

HDHH with pre-HH hills at Casa de Honeydo on Wednesday.

RickyBobby has the Q at NoToll tomorrow.

Well done today men.  Looking forward to some good runs on the hills over there.


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  1. Great run this morning gents. Strong start for River Run! The surprisingly cool morning was perfect.

    Indeed I miscalculated the distance and time from my house to BWES and missed the start gun by 3 minutes. Luckily I had an idea where the PAX was headed so I was able to take a modified route and catch up. The run was much needed to work out some soreness from Saturday.

    I scouted out the loop for next week on my run home and it is just under a mile there, then a loop of just under 2 miles with a strong uphill climb, a short plateau and a solid downhill to loop back.

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