Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lost & Found


14 Strong men posted this morning in the foggy gloom for Dogpile and here is how it went down.

COT: SSH, Helicopters, Windmills, partner leg toss, Arm Circles

4 Corners on the field : 20 merkins, 20 flutter kicks, 20 workins, 5 burpees – repeat 4 times.

Pull up station : 5 overhand, 5 underhand, 10 second hold bring the knees to chest, 5 dips, 5 derkins. Repeat 3 times

Jacobs Ladder : Run down hill bear crawl up back and forth  1-7 WW11 situps

Amp Theatre : 4 dips at each step working are way from top to bottom. 2 incline merkins at each step working our way back up.

Find a tree : touch 5 trees @ 5th tree do 25 pole smokers – repeat but find 5 different trees from the first.

Native American Run back to the flag

Ring of Fire : 10 merkins while holding plank.

The scoop :  A beautiful morning @ dogpile although there was about 3 inches of dew on the ground which had us all soaking wet from the start. We all smelled great during ball of man and @ ET afterwords…… Goldberg had a massive headache strike during 4 corners that benched him for and inning or two but he bounced back strong and plowed through – way to push it Goldberg – maybe next time don’t go over and drink scotch with fudd the night before a Swirly Q 🙂 just kidding that’s not what happened just a plain old headache for my man Goldberg.  BT had his fancy heat monitor gear on this morning again and I have to say that thing is sweet . He got this thing cause his business partner was talking about all the calories he burns doing this orange peel thing and so BT not because he is at all competitive 🙂 but just cause he wanted to prove a point hooked himself up to one of these suckers to show what he burns @ an F3 workout – atta baby BT!  Bleeder crushed it today with only a few hours sleep coming back from DC last night – well done Bleeder.. DK showed up cranked through and then double dipped – atta way DK! Hardywood wore his sandals again which is really unbelievable … Circle K rocked through most of the workout but had to roll early to go kick some butt in his tennis match – Go Circle K! Garbage Plate and Malpractice came to ET but had to split once they ordered their F3 special :). Rosie and Gumbo after crushing this mornings workout had to roll right after – missed you guys @ ET. Flashdance had to go right after the workout to a recert class so he can keep his credentials that allow him to work on all of our backs 🙂 But the big news is FNG Hank F3 name Lost & Found. He showed up this morning after being EH’d by Flashdance and pushed hard through the workout. At the end of Jacob’s ladder he mentioned to the pax that he lost his key… For about 30 seconds YHC was in a bad place cause there are no breaks in a Swirly Q – but Goldberg in no time at all found the key and we were back on track – and all was well @ Dogpile ..

Way to work today guys it was a pleasure to lead. Thanks to BT for keeping time this morning. If your not doing Punisher Monday – go the the new Monday River run. Make sure you check with DK about a very important community project coming up soon – he has a Preblast up with details. Gumbo requested we keep his daughters classmate in our prayers – so please do so. Have a great rest of the weekend. Welcome Lost & Found. See y’all in the gloom..


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  1. Great way to kick off the weekend with a Swirly Q. Great beatdown. Sorry to miss ET.

    Thanks for the prayers. For those not at Dogpile, my daughter’s friend and classmate (2nd grade) just got diagnosed with leukemia. We are going to fill the Sky Q’s inbox with lots of prayers while this little guys fights to stay strong.

    As always, I appreciate all 3 Fs that this group provides. See you in the gloom for River Run Monday.

  2. What a great way to start the day. Sorry I missed the ET and f2. I Iove when they call my order use my f3 name. Also we need to always be on the look out for men that show signs of sad clown disease. It’s real and 6 months ago I had many of the classic signs, worried about my outside conditions more than how I can better express my god given potential. Thanks again fellas always a blast and hell of beat down Swirly, that lost keys saved my ass 30 count here we come!!!!

  3. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Well done, Swirly! Good to start the weekend with some pullups. Welcome Lost and Found!

  4. As I enjoy a Saturday evening golden beverage, I realize that a Swirly Q, followed by 90 minutes of tennis and hanging out with a fellow F3 brother half the afternoon (while our daughters support a friend) is a great to start the weekend. @BT, it was a pleasure doing pullups with you this am, assistance greatly appreciated.

  5. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Anytime. If it weren’t for partners, my pull up count would be abysmal. Btw, did anyone get eaten up in all those weeds? I’ve got some serious bites that would make Fudd proud.