Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What happened at NoToll?


9 #CircusMaximus faithful gathered early this foggy morning for YHC to take a second swing at a kettlebell beatdown and a little more exploration of the AO.  Here’s how things went down, at least how YHC remembers it.


Grab your bell and farmers walk toward the front of the school.

COP:  SSHx20, Copperhead Squat x20, OH Clapsx25, Merkins x10

Partner up:  P1 takes both bells and Farmer’s Walk, P2 does 10 merkins then run to catch up to P1, flapjack.  Continue around to the front of the school parking lot.

P1 does an exercise while P2 runs the parking lot loop.  Flapjack

Exercises: 1-arm swing, Goblet Squat, Clean, Press, Halo

Lunge/Farmers walk to the field behind the school.

8 count burpees pan pax 1 round.

30 seconds of each of the following exercise, no rest in between.

Goblet Squat; 2-hand KB swing, Left arm Clean, Left arm Press, Halo, Right arm Press, Right arm Clean, 2-hand KB Swing, Goblet Squat

Farmers walk toward the VSF

Stop behind the school for Mary:  KB American Hammers, Flutter Kicks, KB WWII, Slow count Alabama Prom Dates

Farmers Walk back to the flag.


Announcements:  #RiverRun will start Monday 5/16/16 at Bettie Weaver Elementary to give the Southsiders a weekday hill run option.  West Enders and City dwellers welcome too.

DK has stepped up to organize an F3 2nd F service project preparing and serving dinner at the Doorways on Monday 5/23.  There are about 6 PAX who have volunteered to help, others are welcome, contact DK.  See his BB about it, another update may be coming soon.


DK served one up for the PAX when he said he wasn’t sure what Gumbo did to him at NoToll on Tuesday but his ass was still sore.  Let the mumblechatter begin…Needless to say Gumbo’s VQ was a sufficient beatdown.

YHC decided to explore a little more of the AO this morning so we got a slow lap around the school.  There is plenty of space on the other side of the school for a lot of variety.  The field behind the school was in great shape and provided some nice relief from the typical Circus pavement.  It looks like something the PAX could make some future use of.

BT was crushing it today with his big bell, maybe the name change approved by Corporate yesterday gave him some added motivation.  The regulars are continuing to get stronger with the bells, a few weeks in and the PAX are all tightening up their form and hopefully noticing the results.

A pleasure to lead today men, well done.



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  1. Nice work, Rosie. I’m wondering if I have a defective kettlebell with the incorrect weight stamped on it. May have to bring back the purple bell with the dancer on it. I’m sore in places I haven’t been sore in a very long time. And I may have nightmares from the clown pic J’ville showed me.

  2. Great Q, Rosie. The bell was feeling very heavy by the end. Also enjoyed exploring the bounds of the circus tent. Lots of options there for sure. Here’s to no squats, lunges, bearcrawls or merkins tomorrow. Thank God for run Fridays!

  3. Honey Do RVA on

    Glad we explored the AO this am. The PAX at Mumford should come to CM to behold the ample lush green grass of the Godwin fields. Those 30 second sets on the field hurt.

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