Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Post-Derby Mint Julep at the Theater of Pain


10 towering oaks arrived at W-Dog for a little midweek beatdown.  The weather was cool, misty and perfect to enjoy the AO.  Seeing no yoga mats, YHC planted the shovel flag and the boys got after it.  Here is how it went down:


Mosey from the shovel flag to the circle for COP.

Don Quixote x 15 (at Abe Vigoda  pace), Copperhead Squats x 12, Merkins x 10, Flutter kicks x 15, LBC x 20

Mosey from Circle to The Bars.  Partner up for Pull ups x 5, Chin ups x 5, Dips x 10.  Run together and touch wall of the Carillon and run back to The Bars.  Repeat x 3.

Mosey to Amphitheater.  Line up in front of first step for a Mint Julep.   Start with Box Jump Burpees x 5.  Run up the amphitheater to the 15th step and do Merkins x 10, then run back down to the first step.  Repeat x 7 to equal one (1) Mint Julep.

Mosey to front of Carillon for modified Dora 1-2-3.  Keep same partner as at The Bars and complete American Hammers x 50, Flutter kicks x 100, LBC’s x 150.  One partner does exercise while the other runs the steps of the Carillon.

Mosey back to Shovel Flag.  YHC had the honor of taking us out.


Well done today, gents.  Great to have you back out, Flipper!  Tackling the pull ups/chin ups early was a good idea I think.  Swirly pounded them out, and Sippy’s form is picture perfect.  It looked like the pairings were good for the run too, and Hardywood and Sippy set the pace early, even with Hardywood in flipflops.  (More on that later.)  While getting better, YHC needs to continue to work on the pull up part of his game.

YHC has been thinking about tapping into the limited amount of creativity he has and concocting the Mint Julep since drinking them at the KY Derby last year.  The idea is that after performing a few of them it would become difficult to walk.  YHC did not expect to be impaired after only one this morning.  As soon as the box jump burpees started, TYA said “Who thinks these things up?!”  BT does, baby.  HoneyDo and Splinter would have been proud, and I think the PAX approved, except Bleeder.  Going up not a problem, coming down on knee is a problem.  My apologies, brother.  Fudd suggested a slide, which is a great idea.

The Mint Julep took longer than expected (surprise), so one was enough and resulted in a modified ab-based Dora, which provided perfect timing to run past the dumpster fire of a Seal Team workout that had convened on the Circle.  YHC could feel the adrenaline from the PAX delivering a firm psychological beat down to the Seal Teamers flailing on the ground doing crabcake-walk-flounder-flapper-things.

Which brings us to Hardywood’s flipflops.  After the COT, Hardywood was providing some intel about the AO to Swirly when someone asked about him about his footwear, or lack thereof.  Turns out Hardywood normally doesn’t wear shoes when he works out (like Tarzan, Mowgli or Zola Budd), and would rather not wear shoes at all.  The sandals give him all the protection he needs, and for the record, it seems to work out pretty well for him from what YHC can see.

A great way to start the day, fellas.  Thanks for letting me lead.



Regular workouts in full effect.  Come get your fill of MM and Dogpile before the grass gets too high: http://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/article_a26af651-9a1d-524c-a963-7ba8dacccb33.html

Wilson’s golf tourney May 20.  It’s a good cause and lots of fun.




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  1. Solid beatdown BT. Way to bring the pain. I must admit that I was not disappointed that we didn’t play on Love Hill today. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing those Seal Team jokers trying to bear crawl up that incline. Maybe Corporate can arrange for a little friendly competition?

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Fantastic BB – BT! Heck of a beatdown too bro…
    Hardywood in teva’s for a workout is a whole nother level man! I would have 10 broken toes 2 broken ankles and who knows what else if I wore those sandals….. Those steps during the juleps man they were tough….Pax see below..
    Corporate Memo : – The executive team @ corporate along with the Q who named our good buddy BT has changed his F3 name.BT is still BT however BT now stands for Big Tennessee!

    Swirly/Corporate – EVP

  3. Big Tennessee? Go Dores and Roll Tide!

    Sounds like a solid workout, and we may need to consider a sign by the shovel flag noting Free Workouts.

  4. BT, hell of a workout! Recommend we get four shirts with big letters, one F one R and Two E’s. New shirts coming out shortly, Bleeder out.

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