Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who says you can’t play baseball in the rain…


12 crafty veterans turned out in the standard NoToll misty gloom for a modified game of F3 Baseball – at NoToll you have to play in the rain.  This is how it went down (more or less):

Mosey to parking lot for COP

All, IC – Arm Circles (small then large, forward then backward), Hellicopter x10, SSH x 25, DQs x 12 and ISWs x 10

Count off into two teams for a game of modified F3 Baseball – Team 1 started on “offense” and Team 2 started on “defense”.

Inning 1 – Offense run around the parking lot while the Defense recorded 3 “outs” by each member completing 10 Burpees, 20 Merkins and 30 LBCs then plank position until the last defender finished.  Offense and Defense switch for the bottom half of the inning.

Inning 2 – Offense – alternate skip-jumps and sprints around the parking lot; Defense – 10 CDDs, 20 jump-squats, 30 2-count flutter-kicks, then Al Gore.

Inning 3 – Offense – alternate karaoke and lunges; Defense – 10 2-count mountain climbers, 20 2-count ball dippers and 30 2-count Freddie Mercuries, then plank.

Inning 4 – Offense – alternate bearcrawl and shuffle; Defense – 10 LBCs; 20 Burpees and 30 Merkins, then AG.

Inning 5 – Offense – alternate broad-jump and sprints; Defense – 10 flutter-kicks; 20 CDDs; 30 jump-squats, then plan.

Inning 6 – Offense – run; Defense – 10 BDs; 20 FMs and 30 MCs, then AG

Entire PAX meet in the middle to finish the game with 10 Burpees.

Mosey to tennis courts for a few minutes of Mary – 10 Dr. Ws and Superman;  Mosey to VSF for COT and YHC took us out.

NMC:  Typical NoToll morning – always bring your mud-shoes.  Thanks to such a fine PAX for posting for my VQ – much appreciated.  YHC shot his wad early with a dead sprint from the VSF to the parking lot for COP – can’t beat adrenaline, but I almost couldn’t maintain the COP counts.  The “field” was a little wet, but the PAX pushed forward, including enduring bear-crawls and broad-jumps (or bunny hops – J-ville’s bunny hop speed and endurance was impressive) that seem to go on forever. YHC managed to turn ISWs into a 4-count IC exercise – we will call that a work in progress.  And those Dr. Ws hurt.

For those keeping score at home, the PAX completed 40 Burpees, 50 Merkins, 40 LBCs, 30 CDDs, 50 jump-squats, 40 flutter-kicks, 40 mountain climbers, 30 ball dippers and 50 Freddie Mercuries – and about 2-miles (by my watch) around the AO.  Not bad for 6 innings.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  It was an honor to step out front and lead such a strong PAX this morning.  See you all back in the gloom soon.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid VQ Gumbo – looking for many more from you bro – well done! No worries everyone shoots their wad early on the first one – and most of the time it’s shot before things even begin – so just know you are not alone 🙂
    Tell you what my legs are feeling it from the dang ball dippers and my lower back from the bunny hops – yep jville is part rabbit man he was rolling and Honeydo took the lead with bear crawls – he’s working towards trying to keep up with Bleeder on those bad boys… Way to work this morning guys – see y’all in the gloom.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Think you are ready to work towards taking on the BRR now Gumbo – what do you say man ?? Let’s go dude!!

  3. Honey Do RVA on

    Nice work Gumbo! I gassed myself during the COP my VQ, it is easy to do. Was hoping EF Hutton would be here with all the Bearcrawls today…

  4. Great work Gumbo. Inning 5, broad jumps after squat jumps made my legs feel like jello. Well done making ISW a 4 count cadence, seems like the PAX picked up on it quickly after a little hesitation.

  5. Way to get out in front, Gumbo. Sad to see no reference to anything Cajun. Also, I hope that someone was there to throw out non-helpful comments and critiques, you know…since I couldnt be there.

    Sounds like a solid beatdown for any Q, much less a VQ! Great job!

  6. I’ll take 3 easy downhill legs…tuck and roll baby! Seriously, I’m thinking about it. Need to increase my miles over the next few weeks.

  7. They love their baseball down in Cajun country…GEAUX Tigers! The crazy looks during the IC ISWs said it all. I’ll get to work creating some Cajun exercises – the Crawfish, Jambalaya and the Shrimp Po Boy…bring your forks and bibs.

  8. Brain Tumor on

    That was solid, Gumbo! I agree with Rosie; broad jumps, squat jumps, ball dippers, all brutal. Bring your yoga mats to W-Dog tomorrow. I’ll have Enya on the radio and cucumber water for the PAX to help us recover from this beatdown.

  9. Nice work Gumbo, I thought I was kicking some ass in the first three innings than inning 4 “the shit hit the fan”. And I did not recover, all down hill for the last 3 innings. That was fun and painful at the same time!!! Great Q