Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mosey around the neighborhood


5 veterans showed up to U of R for this week’s iteration of the Spider Run and were joined by 2 other veterans late in the run.  Here’s how it went down:

The plan was for the fast runners to run ahead of the rest and turn around at different points of the run to rejoin the slower runners.  Unfortunately YHC was the only PAX that was not in the fast group, which encouraged me to run a little faster this morning.

Mosey down Lakeview Lane along the lake, cross the lake at the bridges over the island, take a right on the trail through the woods, take a right onto College and then a left on Baldwin to start the tour of Westham.  Right on Wood, left on Baldwin, right on Hollins, right on Woodberry, right on Horsepen, left on Devon, right on Ridge Top, left on Chandler, right on Gardner down the hill to a left on Wheeler and then a right on the path through the woods over to the intersection of Boatwright and Campus Drive.  Take Campus Drive over to a right on Gateway Rd. to re-enter U of R campus.  Left at the bottom of the hill to the path that leads to Roselawn.  Up Roselawn to a right on Ridgeway, back down the hill to campus.  Take Westhampton Way up the hill to Keller and then up and through the old “Westhampton” campus.  Take a right onto the path through the woods and disc golf course to return to the lake.  Run around the south end of the lake where we ran into Sippy Cup and Copernicus.  Back to the Virtual Shovel Flag for COT.



We missed seeing some of the Spider Run regulars today, but understand that there was an effort to represent properly for Gumbo’s VQ at NoToll.  I’m sure Gumbo delivered a proper beatdown worthy of a Keydet.

When asked at the beginning of the run what we were doing today, YHC replied that we were going to run some hills.  Saab commented at the end of the run that he did not remember running anything flat……we were either going up or down hills for almost all of the run.

Early in the run it was noted that Lockjaw was not present.  This was a bit disconcerting as he had pontificated in the past that he was the “glue keeping the Spider run together”.  Thankfully we didn’t fall to pieces without the presence of “Captain Hook”, although I did miss having someone to run a “moderate” pace with me.

Toga mentioned at one point that Offshore’s wife was upset about the fact that Offshore’s rear end was not as big as it used to be.  And she blames F3 for this.  She seems to be the female version of Sir Mix-A-Lot and likes Big Butts.  What is most troubling is the fact that this conversation took place at church with Toga this past Sunday…..YHC cannot imagine how you got on that subject.

The PAX was met by Sippy Cup and Copernicus while finishing the run with a lap around the lake.  Sippy informed us that he reached the AO a bit late and even though Sippy glimpsed us running across the lake to start the run, he was not able to find the PAX after we took a right to run through the woods.

Just after COT one of the groups that pays to work out ran past and I unfortunately did not get any “Hey Roger’s” like I was hoping for.

YHC took us out.

Good run.  Enjoyed it fellas.


Toga is trying to EH guys to run a Spartan race at Wintergreen on 9/24.  See him for details.

There are still one or two slots open for the BRR……see TYA for details.

Fudd out


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  1. Döner Kebab on

    I got dizzy reading the course description.
    Can’t wait to meet M Offshore now.

  2. Absolutely awesome run. Felt as though we were going perpetually uphill. Let’s mark it dude (for future runs). Conversation regarding Lockjaw’s posterior left me pensive. Will, however, try and maintain eye contact next time I see him.

    Saab abides

  3. Saab, did you mean Offshore?

    Fudd, sorry I missed you in the moderate pace team this am.