Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Seeing Stars


7 Circus Clown Faithful assembled at Mills Godwin HS for a Kettlebell beatdown that went something like this:


Farmer Carry around the bus loop

COP: 25 SSH, 10 KB Slingshot/Roundabouts (each direction), 20 KB rows OYO, 10 KB merkin rows (each side) OYO, 20 Flutter Kicks

Circus Star (4 corners + farmer carry to Star after each set)
15 Goblet Squat
15 Halo
15 Swing
Lung to Point & back
Star: 20 LBC

Repeato: Increase everything by 5, change Star to 5 Burpees

Mosey to Bus Shelter

Parade of Elephants
Circle up facing out on your 6
pass KB to right on 1, to your chest on 2, press overhead on 3, back to chest on 4
Just keep passing until Q says stop

Repeato: in reverse direction

Partner Curb Crawl (partner up, crawl, 1 set on left side, crawl back, 1 set on right side: share KBs)
1) 20 KB Lawn Mower Pulls
2) 15 KB curl
3) 15 KB Suitcase Row (feet together, back at 45, other hand across belly holding hip, row towards hip do not move shoulder)
4) 10 KB Clean/Rack/Press

Triple Check
– KB Merkin/Row (5 each side) – pacer of the 3
– Millineum Falcon (People’s Chair w/ KB held out like the controls to the MF)
– 6-count KB Bridge/Press/Pullover

Mosey to VSF for COT (Atilla took us out)


YHC thought he’d planned too much…and he did…but just by 2 reps of the Triple Check.  Respect to Atilla and Toga? for the extra KB Merkin/Row.  The first 20 of those in the initial COP wrecked YHC’s shoulders…

Solid effort by everyone today…lots of reps…lots of variety…not much ground covered.

Not much mumble chatter…mostly ALL business today with the exception of Toga’s Trump quote of the day regarding Trump’s fight with venereal disease in the 70’s being like his own personal Vietnam.
Make America Grate Again

Everyone got a chance to experience Toga’s big balls during the Parade of Elephants.  Impressive girth, Toga.


  • Keep EHing guys in RVA
  • Gumbo’s VQ @ NoToll next week
  • F3 RVA’s Service Outing @ The Doorways – Monday, May 23 (see backblast or YHC)



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  1. Strong Q, DK. TClaps to Toga for doing merkin-rows with that monster ball. I could barely pass that thing to the left in the parade of elephants. Thank goodness for RAMM and no merkins tomorrow!

  2. With DK’s multiple comments about not being familiar with KBs, I really didn’t know what to expect. It certainly wasn’t the tester that we got. Solid work, and it’s all I wanted.

  3. Well done DK. For not knowing much about kettlebells that was an excellent showing. Thanks for giving everybody a chance to handle Toga’s big balls.