Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

White Deer at the Circus


9 faithful circus goers showed up in the rain for a little iron work and it didn’t take long for the PAX with raincoats to shed them.



15x Don Quixote, 25xSSH, 10 Kettlebells Swings followed by 10 merkins OYO 4 rounds

Short farmers walk mosey to bus loop for 4x4x4 – Do each of the 4 exercises 4 times, through 4 rounds

Round 1 – Goblet Squat, Electric Slide, 1-leg Deadlift, Lunge

Round 2 – 1 arm swing, clean, press from rack, row (start with weak arm), Repeat Round 2

Partner up – Round 1 – P1  Bridge/Press/Pullover while P2 Farmers walk to the end of the loop and back, flapjack

Round 2 – P1  Goblet Squat/OH Press, P2 karaoke w/ Kettlebell

Round 3 – P1  Clean/Squat/Press, P2 farmers walk

Round 4 – P1  Merkin/Row, P2 karaoke w/ Kettlebell

Bonus Round – Repeat Round 1

Figure 8 x 15 IC

Mary w/ Kettlebell American Hammers – HoneyDo Count x 10IC WW2 situps w/ Kettlebell x 10IC Superman Flutterkicksx30 IC Heels to Heaven x15 IC


Welcome to the #CircusMaximus White Deer.  Good to see you out.  I hope the lack of running worked out well for you.  YHC has done plenty of running recently and wanted to mix it up a little while keeping the kettlebell in our hands for most of the workout.  The covered sidewalk was useful for the exercises on the ground although the heavy rain did hold off for the whole workout.

Minimal mumblechatter this morning, although YHC did hear a few groans about the merkin/rows, those are not easy.   YHC missed the first part of the conversation but coming into the tail end of a conversation is the best way to spread rumors.  YHC heard something about deportation, DK’s kids and dreams coming true…YHC was aiming for a higher flutterkick count but Toga pointing out YHCs shoe was untied threw off my count and saved the PAX from excessive flutter kicking.

A few new compound movements thrown into the mix today to introduce the PAX to a few more options.  The consensus of the regulars is that this is a good curve thrown into the week of typical boot camp workouts.  Those PAX that are regulars at other AO’s are invited to join us if they are seeking a little variety in the workout routine.  DK was EHed into the Q for next week during one of the farmers walks so we’re looking forward to that.


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  1. Great Q Rosie; nice planning with respect to the introduction of the compound movements. Clearly well thought out – TClaps!

  2. Agree with Earthworm. We were already talking how you graduated us to compound movements. Good planning. I used Toga’s 45 for some of the Goblet Squat/OH Presses. I could do a few but would not make it very far with that. Maybe soon… Great job!

  3. Toga: “DK, what’s your wife gonna do if Trump gets elected?”
    DK: “I guess she’ll get deported along with my kids.”
    (5 seconds of silence)
    DK: “Dreams really do come true.”

  4. Great additions to the CM kettlebell exercises Rosie. All around solid beatdown. What can DK think up in the next week to debut at CM?

  5. @Rosie: re the shoelace, I just wanted you to be safe. So many injuries happen during flutter kicks that it’s only prudent that we watch out for one another.
    @DK: Building a wall across the Atlantic coast will be a challenge, but it will be worth it to keep out the English.

  6. Thanks for looking out for me Toga. I have heard nightmare stories about shoelace related flutter kick injuries but didn’t think it would ever happen to me.

  7. Great Q Rosie…right up until the point where I karaoked into a pot-hole filled with rain. Gotta keep your head on a swivel men!

    Good expansion of the kettlebell exercise repertoire. Those 4x4x4s sneak up on you in a hurry.