Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ode to Johnsonville


8 strong mosey into a beautiful morning

The Thang

Mosey to the center of the bus loop
20x SSH
20x Imperial Walkers
20x LBC
20x Jville Hops
15x Abe Vigodas

Short mosey to the edge of the grass

10 minutes of burpees

Mosey to the football field

WW2 situps
Carolina Dry Docks
Monkey Humpers
Jump Squats

Mosey to the front of the tennis courts

Bearway to heaven

Bear crawl up 1 merkin
Crawl bear down 2 merkin
Bear crawl up 3 merkin
Crawl bear down 4 merkins

Backwards run up 5 merkins
Bear crawl down 6 merkins
Backwards run up 7 merkins
Bear crawl down 8 merkins

Mosey to the parking lot

Ring of Fire 2x
5 merkins & plank

Great turnout for SOT this morning. Good to see Kotter’s; Wilson, Aisle 5 and Antivirus.

Welcome to FNG Bobber. No slouch here Bobber kicked some butt, well done!

After 1.5 years YHC still cannot figure out how to count the Abe Vigoda, clearly the most difficult exercise in the F3 arsenal.
Rosie, DK and Johnsonville led the way in most exercises, well done guys. Props to J’ville for taking on the 100 burpees in 10 minutes. That was awesome. Cannot stress enough the entertainment value the j’ville hops provided during the COP. One of the all time highlights.

Shout out to Antivirus for making it out after a back injury. As I read a couple of weeks ago it doesn’t get easier, you only get stronger!

Oh yeah, props to DK for leaping a barrel rolling Wilson coming down the hill. Might use that as a future exercise.

Great work men!


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  1. Johnsonville on

    That was great fun this morning. Excellent Q. Great pax. I nearly hurled after the 3rd bear crawl. FEBA