Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Down by the Lake with Sea Bass


10 Faithful and 2 FNG’s arrived at W-Dog this am. Here’s how it went.


15X Merkins
25X Don Quixote
55X LBC’s
10X Each Leg, One Legged Screamers

Mosey to the Lakes

Curb Crawls Indian Run Latter

Mosey round part of the Lake( Avoid Family of Geese)
to the Stairs

Bunny hop up the stairs

Bottom of the Steps 30 Dips.

Top of the Steps 30 Deep knee Bends

Top of the Steps 30x Box Cutters

Bottom of the Steps 30x LBC’s

Run the Loop

Until Stopped

Mosey back to the Flag

Ring of Fire 10 Merkins


COT by Fudd


Welcome to Swingline and Sea Bass( Q reserved naming rights), Glad to have you guys out. Circle K keep up the recruiting effort, YHC is sure you know a few more guys named Ryan.

After speaking to Lug this morning, YHC realized We forgot to meet run and meet the SOT pax halfway between SOT and WDOG. Kudos to the 20 total guys that rose early and got it done before the rest of Richmond was awake.

Although, the mumble chatter was light YHC heard a few groans as the description of the Curb Crawl- Indian Run started to take shape. YHC is certain that Swingline and Sea Bass will bring gloves to the next workout. YHC did ask if they had them. Interestingly, both FNG’s put their water bottles up after Sippy Cup arrived and heard his F3 name.

With the weather warming up, it’s time to ask every guy you know to come out to F3. We need to ask them, not because we need more guys working out, but because you never know where someone is mentally. They might just be working out in the am anyway or in a ho-hum sad clown state or they could be a dark place in need of a hand; we can change their lives.( for the Better, TYA) The impact we make today will have ripple effects for years to come. The strength of the PAX is not measured in Pounds lifted, minutes per mile run , Bear crawls to Heaven or total miles run. It’s measured in THE WILL POWER to make a difference in the lives of others.

TYA is still recruiting for the BRR please contact him for more details.


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  1. That video clip is perfect. Great to have the new guys out. No doubt They will be pushing the PAX. Great Q, Bleeder, and we’ll said in the BB about eh’ing guys. I’ll step up my efforts.

  2. Great job adding some new things in a part of the AO I’ve never used. It was also great to undergo so many portions of your knee rehab regimen. Thanks for that.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well done Bleeder ! Curb crawl Indian Run – Wow!
    AMEN Brother…
    Vision without execution is just hallucination ! Let’s spread the good news about F3RVA – aye…..

  4. Just received my logon info. so apologize for the delayed response. Thoroughly enjoyed the workout and definitely looking forward to joining again! Work has me out of town the next several weeks, but Swingline will return.