Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

7, 10, 17. Your Choice


5 Faithful posted on a Sunday morning to take on the trails or Richmond.

The Thang: Several routes were run this morning. TYA, TSB and Offshore opted for a 7+ mile route that started at the pumphouse, traversed to the other side of the river, took the buttermilk to forrest hill park, back on the butter milk and back to the shovel flag. Lab Rat wanted a little more mileage so he opted to return via belle isle and the northbank trail for a total of 10+. Saab headed out early, did the extended loop including forest hill and then repeated the buttermilk northbank loop for 17+ miles.


Saab took off early. No idea what time, as he was on the move by the time I showed up at 655. He ran into Lab Rat on the final part of Lab Rat’s route, but never made contact with the rest of us. I cannot wait to hear what race/event Saab is training for. Is he a candidate for Barkley’s? Another run at the JFK 50? Or maybe, just maybe he will run the entire BRR by himself. Whatever he decides to do, I know he will slay it. That man has an engine that wont stop.

For a few minutes, I thought it was going to be just TSB and myself on the run this morning. It was good to see Lab rat pull and followed by Offshore (who was in just under the starting gun). Today we kept pretty close to each other the whole way. Offshore not having Saab to chase after slowed his pace a bit. Good to run with everyone today.

Weather is improving, so there are a lot more people on the trails. For the first time in a long time, we saw mountain bikers on the trail. Since it is the beginning of the year, everyone was super patient and respectful of each other. Let keep that vibe going as long as we can. BRR is less than 175 days away now. Looking forward to seeing more of the PAX out there on Sundays to start hitting the hills.


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  1. Would have preferred to have run with you all. Wasn’t looking for the amount of solitude I experienced this morning, but needed to knock out the extra miles early.

    I’ll be back in town on Thursday.

    Saab out

  2. Happy to catch you, it was a nice break catching up.

    Thanks for taking the lead, TYA. Glad that TSB is becoming a trail regular.