Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Keep’em Guessing


14 loyal and strong men gathered this morning @ dogpile and this is how we rolled….

Warmup : SSH, Helicopter, Windmill, EW, AC

Love Hill : Partner up – partner 1 runs to the top of the hill and back partner 2 does exercise up the hill- switch when partner 1 gets back. Exercises are lunges, burpee broad jump, Russian Solder – keep repeating until your team makes it to the top of the hill.

Pull up Station : 5 overhand, 5 chin ups, 10 second hold run to tree and back repeat 3 times.

Curb Crawls – Merkin Ladder; Bear crawl to the curb incline merkin crawl bear back to curb – decline merkin – up to 5 and back down to 1.

Amp Theatre : 5 dips on each step to the bottom – 2 incline merkins on each step back up to the top.

Burpee Shuffle : Run in place until burpee is called out by the pax counter clock wise then do one burpee and back up to the shuffle.

Ring of Fire : 10 merkins/hold plank counter clock wise. 10 workins/hold plank reverse..

Native American  Run : back to flag

Mary : 20  APD’s. 30 6 inches, cross leg lifts 10 each leg, 15 Rosalita’s, 20 Flutter Kicks 50 LBC’s – Superman – 20 count hold.

The flag was a bit soggy in the headlights this morning but the pax was up and ready to roll.. YHC thought warming up in a new spot would be a good idea – did’t turn out too great as most of the pax were on a small hill – my bad guys – luckily there were no turned ankles during warm ups.. We hit love hill first and that got the heart rates up right away. YHC is not sure whether he likes love hill in the dark, in the light, or neither – but going first felt good! There was a little twist to the pull up station with the addition of running to the tree in between sets. This seemed to make some of the pax happy and others groan.. The mumble chatter this morning was rather light except for the occasionally “damn Swirly does not take time for even a 10 count” nope no breaks fella’s – aye… The curb crawls as always sucked as did the burpee shuffle – way to push through it guys.. The (Native American Run) always makes the pax happy and it did not fail to do that today. Gumbo had an intense cramp but pulled through and Aisle 5 tried to give up less than 100 yards from the flag but Sippy would not let him ( he yelled at him shook him smacked him across the face and said for God sakes get a hold of yourself you can do this Aisle 5 !!! And Aisle 5 did it – well done buddy.. Love the pep talk Sippy – although it may not have happened exactly like that 🙂

It’s always a pleasure to lead this group of fine men. I am truly blessed to be a part of this pax and I look forward to it every morning – literally 🙂

Thanks to SAAB for being the official time keeper this morning.

Wilson’s Golf event – May 20 – let’s get some teams signed up – this is a great cause and a super event – I’m looking forward to it!

HoneyDo has found another awesome challenge for us – it’s next spring he will be talking it up – something about a 50k – bring it !!!

BRR : Guys it’s 139 days away – if you have not yet signed up see TYA.

Have a great weekend – Swirly/Corporate – out………


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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Also glad to be done with the Corp Challenge. Posting for a full week is tough, props to Splinter, Rosie, and Lab Rat for motivating me to try it.

  2. You never disappoint Swirly. That multi-ring of fire a little over halfway through was immense. During my post-run through Texas beach I thought how much I appreciate and respect the PAX. Through all the pain and suffering, a good laugh is never far away.

    Saab abides

  3. Great Q Swirly. Love hill to start the morning got the sweat going and didn’t stop. I told Gumbo to expect minimal rest and non stop action for a Swirly Q and you didn’t disappoint.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well done Honeydo!
    I’m with you dude – can we do this as a group – I ask simply because I get lost in Windsor farms 🙂

  5. Way to go! Props to you for doing it on a HDHH week! “Corporate challenge with refreshments”

  6. It would be cool to run/hike that as a group. Like an extended terrible version of RAMM, instead of 4,5,or 6 miles we’d have groups of 25k, 50k, and Saab at 50m.

    We do need a human sacrifice, ala Barkleys, though. Someone will need to invite TYA…

  7. Swirly – great Q and I was cursing you for no 20 counts, love hill, dips, pull ups……#runningsucks. But I’m happy now feel good! Thanks for bringing up the Galactosemia golf tournament! It’s a great time and for a great cause!
    Thanks for the support fellas!

  8. My first Swirly Q definitely didn’t disappoint. Great beat down. My calfs are still burning.

    I echo the others – great to be part of this group. Thanks to Rosie for his continuing to EH me until I woke up.

  9. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    I’ll be the human sacrifice. I’m in. It may take me a day or so, but I will not quit

  10. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Atta baby TYA – we know you won’t quit buddy!!
    HoneyDo looks like we have some takers for this bad boy – LabRat and TYA were not even there for the announcement and they are in 🙂
    Let the training for BRR and belmont begin …..

  11. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Once again – great work today guys it was a pleasure to lead today.
    Reminder : Trail Run in the gloom……

  12. Solid Q, Swirly. The tempo was tough, and mixing all that stuff in whipped me pretty good. Well done!

  13. Good work ladies, that sounds like a head to toe beat down. I wished I could have been there. I was representing f3 at a 5k race at Devils backbone, I did do 30 minutes of self indused beat down, not the same and people were looking at me strangely. Mybe it was the planking before the race or SSHs that had them freaked out!!!