Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Four Pax embraced the Glorious morning in the Gloom at the GridIron, two of whom were desperate for an Rx for sustained posterior discomfort courtesy of Honey Do’s Q at Circus Maximus last Thursday. Here it is (apologies in advance for the brevity as YHC is leaving in moments for a forced march north to Exit 7 of the Jersey Tpk):


Two x10 8 Count BBs (modified Slaughter Starter in Pan Pax Cadence) with the normal and customary inclusion of SSHs, Seal Jacks, IWs, DQs, and APDs IC.

Mosey to WildCat stands for x25 legs lifts with HTH OYO and APDs IC.

Mosey to SPMS grand entrance for Peoples Chair and x10 8 Count BB PPC.

Mosey to back of SPMS to the Pillars for the AntiVenom: 10/20s and 20/10s — 16 alternating sets of air squats and merkins intermixed with 5 sets of x25 Pole Smokers/HTH OYO, 2 sets of APDs IC, and 2 sets of x10 8 Count BBs PPC.

Completing above while moving to the end of the Pillars, the Pax then went to their sixes for 2 more sets of x25 Pole Smokers/HTH OYO and APDs IC. After x10 8 Count BBs PPC, the Pax then moseyed back to the PT parking lot.


Johnsonville picked up trash, Count-a-rama, and Name-a-rama. Prayer of thanksgiving by YHC.


Lively group this morning – lots MumbleChatter in the form of faux compliance. No yawns – Attila MIA.

The workout was in White Deer’s wheelhouse; Johnsonville sweat (alot), and invoked MAD doctrine by threatening a RunFest; Cheetah’s ready for a Q – excellent participation in PPC for 8 Count BBs (would this be youngest Q ever?).

AntiVenom Totals: 200 Pole Smokers/Leg Lifts HTH, 240 air squats, 240 merkins, 100 APDs, and 60 elegant burpees in form of 8 Count BBs — recipe for recovery from Honey Do’s medieval torture of 100 yard KB lunge, 100 yard KB lunge and rotation, KBAPDs, and WWII situps and press ladder.

Coffeeteria at Chic-fil-a.


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  1. Glad it is not just me that is still reeling from the lunges at CM. Looks like a great beatdown Earthworm. Safe travels.

  2. For sure, the soreness came the next day and it resideth with me still despite our best efforts this morning to exorcise same – well done and I look forward to your next Circus Maximus (and GridIron) Q!

  3. Johnsonville on

    Wow… I was still sore from Saturday when I got up this morning to Q Punisher.