Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Still no Curb Crawls


Nine posted for a 530am beatdown celebrating YHCs F3 birthday.   Two quick motivational songs on the loudspeaker as Fudd came in hot and the beatdown commenced.  Mosey to the far circle for COP:


– SSH x20
– Arm Circles x15 forward/backward
– Mountain Climbers x20
– Don Quixotes x20

The Thang

1K/5K.  Partner up for 1K exercises and (optimistically) 5K of running.  100 prisoner curb hops, 200 derkins, 300 flutters, 400 LBCs.  One partner exercises while the other runs from the base of the carillon to the far end of the field, touching the sidewalk and returning.  Those that finished early worked back down the ladder with flutter kicks until the PAX finished.

Mosey to right side of field for tree line burpee run.  1 burpee at every tree along the sidewalk (whether established or newly planted) until the end of the sidewalk was reached.

Mosey back to SF for 2 rounds of ring of fire (werkins & clerkins) and multiple minutes of mary (left/right single-leg APD, american hammer, 20 count of 6 inches (courtesy BT), freddy mercuries.


YHC has a habit of looking into the future for key events and signing up to Q on those special days.  4/20 stuck out for me as it was exactly 1 year ago that Fudd finally EH’d me (after multiple failed attempts by him, Lockjaw, and Toga).  DK may have had a failure in there also.  As a tribute to 4/20 I dug through the archive to resurrect the same workout Chum lead on 4/20/15.  It was surprising to see how much quicker we made it through the 1K/5K today vs 1 year ago.

I believe Lab Rat acknowledges 4/20 for another reason.

Glad Fudd is recovering from his Pure Luck incident.  Hopefully DK is recovering from his Kramer-esque issue with compaction.

For the record it was a little over 2 miles, not quite the 5K that we seeked.  Each lap on the lawn was 1/4 mile.

Kudos to everyone who pushed YHC today and/or has pushed YHC over the past year.  There is a lot of creativity in this group and glad to see that it is flourishing.

See everyone in the gloom.


  • HDHH TONIGHT 5-7 at ET.
  • Kettle bell led by Honey Do manana

Splinter out.



  1. Döner Kebab on

    Happy Anniversary, Splinter. Solid beatdown. Props to the mixed tape. It was a race to get back to the Southside today…damn near had to pull into the Kroger at Bellgrade.

  2. Congrats bud, sounds like you beat the ladies into men today!!! Charge on my f3 brother

  3. Solid beatdown Splinter. Chum would have approved. Sorry I couldn’t get there to hear the pre-workout mix…..was looking forward to some Iggy.

    Glad I was able to succeed in EH’ing you where others had failed. You’ve been a welcome addition to the gloom.