Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lindsay and Nicole have beef


9 strong posted to RVAs most established Tuesday AO on a beautiful spring morning. The fields of NoToll were dry for a change and the beatodwn commenced thusly:

Mosey to left soccer field COP- 25 SSH, 10 Merkins, 20 Ass Clappers, 20 IW

Mosey to pole smoker posts for Pole Smoker Indian Run (PSIR) – start at first post 10 flutterkicks while rest of PAX holds feet 6 inches. Repeato til end of posts/field.

Sprint half of soccer field, jog rest of the field. Repeato x2. Mosey to benches for Lindsays

1st set – Dips & Jumpsquats
Sprint field & back
2nd Set Lindsay – Derkins & Freddy Mercurys

Triple check

Mosey to field 1 bleachers for 3rd Lindsay set – Derkins CDDs & in/outs(?)

Mosey back to flag , COT. Flashdance took us out.

NM – YHC remembers his introduction to Lindsays at NoToll last summer and after Rosie brought Nicole to NoToll recently YHC thought a Lindsay heavy beatdown was called for. Speaking of Rosie, when YHC pulled in to the park he saw Rosie running into the AO. Apparently whatever has gotten into Saab has also infected Rosie as both are amping up their mileage substantially.

The PSIR for the duration of the field was a great painful start to the real beatdown.

The Lindsays were tough as always, but especially the Derkins. There was no mumblechatter, only grunting, except for Wedding Singer who proceeded to knock out the derkins with ease. The last Lindsay set was painful as CDDs on the gravel near the bleachers tested the glove quality of the PAX.

Great words and closing prayer Flashdance.

Announcements- Splinter has WDog tomorrow for his 1 year Ann. Do not miss it.

Also RSVP to Flashdance BB if you are doing ET tomorrow night.


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  1. All the PAX were gasping during the number-rama…and name-a-rama. I’m not sure I’ve endured such a beatdown since attending a CLT Metro workout last summer. Scared to attend Honey Do’s Q at Circus Maximus on Thursday…

  2. Great beatdown Honeydo. Beware, Nicole is the jealous type and may come back stronger with friends like Sally or Roxanne. Even more respect for Sippy Cup, Saab and others running to and from AOs. The run home was much tougher than the light easy jog there.

  3. Great way to start the day. Strong PAX and a great workout. Well done Honey Do. A Lindsay-Nicole-Sally royal rumble is brewing. Definitely need an hour at Dogpile to get that in…

  4. Honey Do RVA on

    A quote from Lindsay-
    “Nicole is to Timed signature beatdowns what Ladykillers is Tom Hanks movies”

  5. Nicole says “I am a simple lady that does not have time for trash like Lindsey that will just do anything with anyone.”

  6. Good times, much pain and a lot of grunting make for a honey do beat down!! Thanks fellas see yall at ETs