Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

‘Round and ‘Round We Go


Four of the faithful met at #SourceofTruth for some early morning gloom. Johnsonville planted a shovelflag and took the Q. This is how it went down, more or less:

Mosey to South Side of Bus Loop near Track for COP:

30x SSH
12x Merkin
25x DonQuiote
30x LBC

Mosey to West Side of Bus Loop near School for COP:
10x Plank Dips
20x Arm Circles (reverse directions at 10x)
10x Imperial Walkers
10x Hillbillies

Ladder from 1 to 6:
1 burpee, 1 bear crawl stride per arm, run bus loop (~300m)

6 burpees, 6 bear crawl strides per arm, run bus loop (~300m)

Blimp progression (mostly) around Bus Loop, including the following (not in order): lunge sequence x2, bearcrawl, crawlbear, crabwalk, backward crabwalk, burpee broadjump, inchworm, plankwalk left, plankwalk right.

Mosey to parking lot inside top of Bus Loop.

Ladder from 6 to 1:
6 Merkins, 6 Flutterkicks, run length of parking lot and back

1 Merkin, 1 Flutterkick, run length of parking lot and back

Mosey to grassy place inside Bus Loop for COP:
25x American Hammers
10x Single Leg Alabama Prom Dates (left)
10x Single Leg Alabama Prom Dates (right)
20x Single Leg Alabama Prom Dates (both)



This workout used about 2 acres of a huge AO. I don’t know if it is the incline along the bus loop’s northern turn or the hypoxic mix of bus exhaust, man exhaust, and gloom, but there is something about that bus loop that just draws YHC in.

Prior to the workout, LugNut predicted a healthy dose of running. I believe YHC delivered that this morning. I had not seen LugNut in quite a few months, and was pleased to catch up with him. Can someone down there please swing by LugNut’s house from time to time and drag him to other AOs?

Rosie led the PAX on about everything. I fondly remember those days when I could (almost) keep up with Rosie. Alas, I am losing ground …

Aye, great job this morning #SOT!

Jville (War Daddy)


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  1. Great Q JVille. Those last few laps felt a little longer than 300s. My burpee speed has increased significantly in recent weeks with Slaughter starter trend.