Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It helps to have multiple Shovelflags


10 regulars gathered around 2 shovelflags for the 2nd iteration of WDOG. The weather was 45 and clear, perfect spring weather for a beatdown. It went down like this:

COP – 40 SSH, 20 Merkins, 20 Clappers, 20 IWs, 10 Burpees

Mosey to Amphitheater for Even/Odd. Escalating series that alternates betwen even & odd steps. Increase reps to corresponding step number unti reach the step with the flag on it. Round 1 – Derkins & Clappers to step 10 , Round 2 – Burpees & WWII Situps. Finish up with PAX in line with feet 6 inches over edge of step. Indian run and each PAX slaps down the feet as they pass. Go until width of Amphitheater is done.

Mosey back to the Stationary flag for 2 min Mary – American Hammers 20 , 20 Plank Thrusts. COT

NM – YHC was pleased to see Swirly had planted his shovelflag when he arrived in the parking lot. The EvenOdd required a Shovelflag and having one already planted was helpful. Moseying with the flag to the COP YHC imagined this is what BT feels like during Old Glory.

The Even Odd was met with a mixed reception. YHC admits it was not cleary explained although Fudds request for a diagram and copy of the Weinke was a little much. The E/O did take a lot of time however. The Weinke had 4 rounds not 2. Guess this will have to wait for another day at Dogpile where ample time permits for the additional rounds.

Running back from the Amphitheater to the flag with the Shovelflag in hand was cool as the PAX appeared out of Gloom to run past the ST’ers who were jogging around our COP. YHC could not see it but Swirly said the flag was blowing beautifully as the PAX ran by drenched in sweat.

Annuoncements – White Deer has his VQ at Gridiron this Sat. Without Jville around and only Earthworm to guide him YHC is pretty sure double dippers can easily find them as the PAX won’t likely move 50 steps from the parking lot. Come out and support if you can. Also HDHH at ETs next Wednesday. Drinks include Bee Pollen Smoothies and Goji Berry Spritzers. They serve beer there as well apparently…

Pleasure to lead the PAX this AM, glad to have WDOG as a mid-week appetizer to Dogpile on Saturdays.


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  1. “Not Fudd Friendly…” (Well said Fudd). I personally lost count right after it started. That said, I look forward to trying it again. Also learned not to do said Indian Run routine when one is just recovering from knee injury…damn.

    Saab out

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good Q HoneyDo – Yep my favorite part of the work out and in fact my whole day was running by the s-team drenched in sweat all of us running at a good clip with the look on our faces of – we own dogpile so when y’all are ready to play bring it – we are ready – any day all day baby!
    Next time I’ll try and locate their Q and see when we can schedule a game 🙂 I’ll stay and watch them workout since they just begin when we are finishing and – any guy who might be F3 worthy – I’ll throw him a F3 card..