Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Let’s take a detour at the sorority houses


8 steadfast runners showed up at UR to run in a dark, reasonably warm, and not so rainy morning. Here’s what transpired:

See route below. There were slight derivations from this but otherwise YHC attempted to distill the maximum amount of elevation from the past 2 postings.

We essentially split into two groups as we progressed into the route, with Saab “leading” one group and Lockjaw leading the other. YHC uses the term “leading” mildly since he was continually working to keep up with Sippy and Marv while calling out directions from behind. That said, you would find it hard to believe the 3 blokes I was running with ran the Monument Ave 10k this past weekend (Marv and Sip’), or ran 11 miles on Sunday (Offshore). Shout-out to Marv for posting a great time on the 10k. (I didn’t get yours Sippy but I’m sure it was top notch.) As the first contingent neared the end we did one more loop up Gateway road. Sippy was on a tear and we are sure he would have ended-up in Short Pump had Marv and YHC not called him back for just one more go around on the lake.

Word from second contingent was that they had to divert TYA from the sorority houses (the man has his priorities straight). In the end, we enjoyed poking fun at the sounds seal team were making and speculating how much money they are spending. TYA offered to throw hundred dollar bills at them as a reminder of the money they were wasting. (YHC considered offering-up his “toll money” for this gesture, but decided that his spare change is far too precious.) YHC also enjoyed his run back to Westham with Lockjaw.

YHC apologizes for mixing the close and briefly forgetting the name-o-rama. Thanks for setting me straight.

Saab abides


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  1. Great turnout everyone. I really appreciate now sharing my Tuesday runs with such a great group of guys.

    Note: “The Barkley Marathons” is now required viewing for F3 BRR participants.

    Saab out

  2. BT:”So how does this route compare to anything on the BRR?”
    Sippy: “Yeah, flat.”

    Whisky, blackjack and cigars for me, gents!

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great run. Start of the run, going straight up hill, was a little bit rough for me. Once I knew we were heading to sorority row, I got a little kick in my step.

    Agreed on the Barkley’s viewing. It truly is a must watch. I have watched it twice now and was not bored on the second run through.

    BT, didn’t mean to discourage your participation for BRR, but…. I could tell Sippy was thinking of moderating what I said so emphatically a little bit, but decided the truth might be better. Nothing in Richmond can approximate what the BRR has to offer.

  4. This had to the be the first mobile COT. As the city bus came on its route, the circle shuffles out of the way in unison. Saab didn’t break prayer or anything.

    The hills were mighty, and good for training. Thanks to Saab for the run home too.

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    That was a great run – I felt it all day …. BRR here we come.. Let’s keep up the good work fella’s..
    BT – the gar’s, beers, and JD are even better after the run bro 🙂

  6. Tough and great run guys. I suppose if we plan ahead we could try to spend a Saturday in the mountains this summer to really get some BRR-like training in.

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