Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Golden Bell takes a toll at the Punisher


8 regular RVA pax got their week started right st the Punisher. 50 degrees and clear, perfect spring weather for a beatdown. It went dow like this:

COP – 30 SSH, 24 Merkins, 20 FMs, 20 DQS

The Thang – Mosey to benches. 25 Dips, 20 Step ups – single leg. Repeato and switch legs.

Mosey to Basketball court. In honor of the 12th hole at the Masters the PAX played it F3 style. 12 exercises , 3 times down the court.

1st shot – merkins, 2nd shot PENALTY – Burpees, 3rd shot WWII situps, 4th PENALTY Burpees, 5th shot CDDs, 6th shot LBCs, 7th shot Tuck Jumps.

Mosey to front of school. B2W, 5 Donkey Kicks, repeato increasing DKs by 5 up to 20. Run to street 20 merkins, back to wall 20 DKs. Repeato. ROF Flutterkicks.

Mosey to Flag to bear crawl parking lot, per Goldberg request. Audible half way, spring back to flag. COT


First of all Fudd arrived at Holton with time to spare, still last of the PAX but with 1 whole min to spare. Upon arrival Goldberg asked YHC if the beatdown would consist of bear crawling the parking lot. It was not planned but YHC was glad to get that in at the end.

Recreating Speith’s 12th hole meltdown smoke the PAX. Most got the idea and Fudd only had a handful of questions. The 3 sets of 12 burpees as the 2 penalty strokes hurt.

Donkey Kicks coupled with B2W dizzied the PAX but got some good core work in. The bear crawl the loop was excessive, glad we audible or else Swirly would still be out there.

Announcements – Federal Taxes are due April 18th, not 4/15 for those procrastinator out ther (toga)




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  1. Sorry to fartsack, but gotta rest up for DaVille Q in the a.m. That meltdown warranted some burpees for sure. Good of the Pax to bang them out for Speith.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great way to start the week – nice beatdown Honeydo!
    Yep I’m gonna just go ahead and say I hate donkey kicks more than bear crawls…. Hey it’s not that I’m slow @ bear crawls it’s just that I like to take my time :)- slow and steady is the drip that wears the rock away…
    Great job this morning guys!
    See y’all in the gloom.

  3. Good grief! I used to like Jordan Speith before this debacle. When we were doing the dips and step-ups I thought this was going to be an easy way to start the week. Then Speith hit.., again and again. I’m gonna file this little episode away and return the favor some day.

  4. Great Q, Honey Do, The Bear Crawls at the end were a great way to finish off the PAX!