Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who’s Sally


On what was forecast to be a cold wet morning,  9 RVA pax and a Raleigh visitor showed up to a beautiful sunny and 70 morning.   Maybe not 70 but the sun came out as this went down:



Warm up DQx20, Arm circles x10 forward and backward

Slaughter starter 20 burpees OYO, SSHx25

Mosey to the pull up bars for the front 9. 3 pull ups, 6 decline merkins and 9 Richard Simmons – repeato x3

Mosey to the amphitheater for an intro to Sally.  “Flower” by Moby.  Start in merkin position, when you hear “Bring Sally up” go up and “Bring Sally down” down, ideally without touching the ground but no shame in going to the ground or to your knees.

Up the steps. 1 left leg step up, 1 right leg,  then 2 left,  2 right,  increasing to the top.  30 dips at the top.

Back down for Sally, this time on your 6. Sally up – 90 degrees, Sally down – 6 inches

Mosey to field for escalating 4 corners.   Corner 1, 10 monkey humpers, corner 2 10 MH, 20 flutter kicks,  corner 3 10 MH, 20 FK, 30 plank Jacks,  corner 4 10 MH, 20 FK, 30 PJ, 40 mountain climbers

Mosey to Carilon for Stairway to seven.  1 burpees, 1 incline merkin at the bottom,  up the steps,  1 squat at the top.   Repeat increasing up to 7 of each.

Mosey back to the pull up bars for the back nine.   Repeat earlier sequence until Q says stop.   3-4 rounds.

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary.  American Hammersx25, Hello Dolliesx25, Alabama prom dates x25, Rosalitas x25, LBCx25.


Glad to show our visitor from Raleigh what has been called “the best AO in F3”.  So many things to do it was my pleasure to lead the PAX for the first time at Dogpile.

The PAX was introduced to Sally in the amphitheater and YHC felt a little pride when Swirly declared he was not a fan of Sally.  The above video inspired YHC and may be a new RVA challenge.  The 20 burpee delayed slaughter starter surprised a few.  Mumblechatter was limited until Sally showed up but everyone pushed through both rounds well.  Someone reminded me that it was a good thing Fudd wasn’t there for YHC’s complicated instructions for the steps.  Winstons pounded through the work and seemed to get faster through the Stairway to 7.

Another great 2nd F at Ellwoods.  As most people say it’s the 1st F that brings men out and the 2nd that keeps them coming.  YHC audited a Lexington, SC AO Tuesday and Corporate got the full report that RVA was well represented.  Successful AO launches this past week.  Back for more this week, Q sign up is full for the front end of the week with the exception of the #SpiderRun.

Hit ‘em well



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  1. Nice work men!! Represented us in Wilmington, NC for a beach beat down. How can I post a picture here?

  2. My first Rosie Q did not disappoint. The most punishing ab-workout I can remember. Got SpiderRun covered.

    Sally goes down better when in a supine position…just sayin’.

  3. The 2nd F at ET lived up to its billing. The Swirly Sandwich and conversation exceeded all expectations. The only thing missing was some of the regulars: Wilson,Aisle 5, Flashdance, TYA on his way to work. Hope to see you in the gloom.