Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Field Trip


A refreshingly cool and pleasant morning at the GridIron welcomed 4 of the PAX who gathered at the alternate Short Pump MS parking lot. There was a palpable sense of expectation of a ground and pound, so YHC called a game plan audible at kickoff as follows:


Mosey across the WildCat football field, the freshly paved but unpainted Pouncey Tract parking lot, and the bridge to the Grassy Knoll for the 8-Count BodyBuilder — circle up and go around 3x (pan-Pax IC).

Field trip announced – recon Striker Park.

Mosey through the woods break to the front Strikers Park parking lot, down the road to the back parking lot, and across the back three soccer field side lines to the Shady Grove Road entrance.

Karaokes, high skips, backward runs, sprints, and medleys from endline to endline of the soccer fields – alternating 25x Merkins OYO and 25x Alabama Prom Dates OYO after each “run” sequence.

Mosey back to the Grassy Knoll for a repeato of the 8-County BodyBuilder — circle up and go around 3x (pan-Pax IC).

Mosey across bridge and drop before PT parking lot for 3 more rounds of 25x Merkins OYO and 25x APDs OYO.

Mosey to PT pavilion dip bottom ISOs and 4 rapid-fire 30x dips OYO.

Mosey across WildCat football field to bleachers for 25x Heels to Heaven OYO, Planks, 25x Carolina Dry Docks, 25x APDs OYO, and assorted Dead Bugs and 6 inches.

Mosey back to alternate SPMS parking lot.


Prayer first, followed by Counterama and Name-o-rama (Attila by proxy).


Nice expansion of the GridIron AO today – PT Park, SPMS, and now Strikers Park (to back entrance on Shady Grove Road). Note to Double-Dippers — if you can’t find us remember Strikers Park.

YHC gladly cedes War Daddy status to White Deer – mere months matter.

Attila’s yawns amidst exercise, including 8-Counts, continue to amuse. Less amusing was his suggestion that the over-sized Striker Park retention pond was an attractive site for an aqua-style BeatDown.

Lots of youth activities today in RVA for the PAX – youth baseball (mini-Attilas) and soccer (mini-J’villes). Still brief opp for 2nd F at Chic-fil-a Coffeteria.

White Deer has the Q next week at GridIron – come on out and support White Deer’s virgin Q: serious expectations for Top Gun upper-body BeatDown by a guy who scoffs at Merkins.

Lots of great workouts before the next GridIron – consider Circus Maximus this Thursday at 0530 and bring your kettlebell. J’ville gave us a great Q at the CM launch last Thursday and we look to build on that again this week. Remember: north side of Godwin High School at the bus loop.

1 Timothy 4:8


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