Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Double triple check…and a Kotter


Never mind the road block, 9 strong made it to the shovel flag this morning to start this week off with a bang.  Here is what transpired:

COP (all excersizes IC)

Split jumps X20
Copperhead squats X20
Arm circles X10 little X5 big. Reverso
Dive bomber X10


Burpee suicides X3

Triple check version 1 (4 rounds)
-Step ups
-Release merkins X20
-Incline prom dates (audibled to cross leg lifts after 2 rounds)

Triple check version 2 (3 rounds)

-Wall squats

-various abs (recommended: flutter kicks, rosalitas, american hammer)

-run the loop

Fire Drill

5 minutes of Mary:

-dying cockroach X20 IC

-LBC X30 IC (led my Mr. Rogers)

-Carolina Dry Docks X20 OYO


Welcome back to Conspiracy, who LIFO’d in during COP.  YHC had never met Conspiracy, so was a little nervous about him being an FNG.  Seeing as how YHC just stumbled thru disclaimer for practice, that kind of monkey wrench could send this train whirling off the tracks.  Anywho, glad to have you back, and really glad to meet you.

Thanks to Toga for the mumblechatter at YHC’s expense.  It’s good to feel the love, brother.  There might have been a shot or two from Splinter as well, but YHC was trying to figure out next excersize too much to remember.

YHC was going to do a round of burpee shuffle, but after reading Dogpile BB he decided to go with fire drill instead to avert yet another Siwrly sponsored mutiny.  Sometimes it’s easier to go with the flow, although combining the smoker that is “fire drill” with easy just dont fly.  That excersize is rough.

YHC just finished reading “Freed to Lead” over vacation, and was trying to incorporate some of the tactics outlined there into his Q.  A standout quote was “if you cant do it, dont Q it” which ruined a couple planned items this morning after he was smoked after the first triple check (YHC’s arms were not going to make it thru curb crawls).  YHC still feels that he is “leading” from the back of the pack, so thanks for putting up with him this morning.


Lots of new AO’s out there, so more Q’s are needed.  YHC is proof that anyone can do it.  It’s all about cracking out of that comfort zone.

There is a half marathon trail run at Riverrock on May 22.  Although not an official #CSAP (yet), there are at least a couple of the pax that are planning on competing (Lab Rat is signed up).  Also, on May 20th evening there is a 5k mud run, May 21 morning a 10k trail run.  Riverrock is the RVA’s premier outdoors event.

See TYA or Wedding Singer regarding Earth Day 5k, competitive mosey wave.


Lab Rat


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  1. @Lab Rat: Solid Q and know that we wouldn’t pick on you if we didn’t care. Well.., maybe we/I would. Do not ever worry about where you are in the PAX re leading. You’re leading by taking the Q and getting a group of guys moving at 0530. Thanks for that.

    Lastly, Triple: adjective, 1. consisting of or involving three parts, things, or people.

  2. Toga, Thanks for the kind words…but I dont get the triple definition reference. Please explain, in detail.


  3. Nice Q LabRat! Step ups gave me flashbacks to your dumbbell workout at The Punisher. Glad again to be sans Strength shoes.