Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Notable presence of law enforcement


11 gathered on a damp, dark morning for what YHC hoped would be a sufficient beat-down. Here’s what transpired

COT: DQ, SSH, LBC, Flutterkicks, Merkins with escalating Burpees in between

Modified Dora: 150 Merkins, 150 Flutterkicks, while partner runs up Carillon stairs and performs a designated exercise before coming back down

Touch a Tree: 1-3, 4-6, 7-9. Perform stated exercise at each tree. Repetitions correspond with tree number. (Burpees, Merkins, WWII)

Down and up hill: Perform merkin at base, and Burpee at top. Jacob’s ladder from 1 rep to 6 reps.

Field: Squats at each yard line (25, 50, etc). Out and back. Return running backwards. Finish at 8 reps.

Run Loop: Alternate between Merkins (5) and LBC (10) at each marker.

Finish: Burpee (drop and roll) shuffle.

A number of PAX noted the large police presence as we arrived at the AO. Out of concern there was a fugitive about, we briefly discussed safely securing our car-keys before venturing into the gloom. All pretty much went down as planned with YHC calling some audibles in the interest of time. As we were preparing for the Jacob’s ladder, Sippy demonstrated his PhD-level acumen by quickly deducing which side the PAX would end up. That routine appeared to tire the PAX out a bit which left YHC pleased. Shout out to those who did the entire loop and went back to complete extra stations just everyone could finish together. YHC experienced some insubordination during Burpee shuffle – with some shifting to stop-drop-roll (Swirly-influenced). That said, I commend such initiative…(YHC wondered later if paid Seal Team instructors have to deal with such dissension in the ranks.)

Anyway, we welcomed an FNG courtesy of Garbage Plate. Discussion regarding his vocation as a physician lead to “Malpractice”. Welcome sir and we hope to see you again. (Note: YHC/Q is still mulling this one over…favoring “Call-J” instead…stay tuned, perhaps we can get some help from DK on this)

Good chatting and F3-Corporate planning conducted at ET afterwards.

Saab out


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  1. Enjoyed it guys. I personally was exhausted. Surprised by the lack of mumble-chatter this am. I’ll chalk it off to exhaustion, but I won’t rule out it being due to the absence of certain individuals.

  2. Was genuinely angry about the number of burpees doled out by the Q. A sure-fire sign of a good beat down.

  3. Missed you guys in the gloom. I am on dad duty this weekend. Looks like a respectable beat down plus the down pour adds to the suffering.

  4. Hey swirly, I am going to make the famous ” swirly balls” but need the recipe!!! Can you post the ball recipe. Thanks

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Saab – as always !!
    Flashdance – Honey, Oats, chocolate pieces, peanut butter, chai seeds, coconut. You can add cranberries etc.. if you like..