Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mid Slaughter


9 RVA Pax & 1 FNG posted for a glorious Tuesday morning @ NoToll.
It went something like this:


Mosey to tennis court. Disclosure.

COP: 25 SSH, 15 Don Quixote, 15 Copperhead Squats, 15 Hillbillies, 25 LBCs

Mosey to NE Soccer field

Merkin Ladder: 1 up to 10 back down to 1, crossing the field after each set

COP: 20 Hello Dollies, 15 Alabama Prom Dates, Capital Letters, X’s & O’s

10 minutes of Burpees

Modified Ark Loader across width of same field: zombie walk to middle, bear crawl to middle, plank-o-rama (Rosie guest Q), duck walk to middle, crawl bear to middle

Mosey back to flag

BT took us out. PAX thoughts go out to Chum Bucket and his family.


Welcome to Cherry Blossom! Hope to see you out again.

All respect to Lab Rat who suggested performing the same workout as at DaVille this morning: 2 AO’s, same day, same workout. However, YHC couldn’t bring himself to do anything NCAA tournament related after the sting of Virginia’s collapse vs Syracuse on Sunday. Apologies to Lab Rat, although his Back Blast looks like he amended the workout as well.

Further respect to BT this morning for being the eldest statesman to post.

10 minutes of burpees were fun for the first 2 minutes. Lots of mumblechatter regarding the timing of the 10MoB within the 45 minute workout. Mid-Slaughter smoked YHC.

3 RVA Workouts today: 19 total PAX. Well done, RVA!


Richmond AOs are blowing up. We need Q’s. If you haven’t Q’d and are interested in doing so, contact DK. We could also consider another “Hot Potato” workout or splitting Q duties with another member of the PAX.

HDHH April 20 – See Flashdance


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  1. Mid-slaughter was no joke after the merkin ladder. Well done DK. Welcome Cherry Blossom.

  2. That’s a whole bunch of mileage for a guy that didn’t post to your workout! I love it!

    Yeah, it was a good workout at DaVille, but definitely not up to a splinter or honey do themed beat down.

    To quote my dad: “If at first you don’t succeed, maybe losing is more your style “

  3. What Rosie said. As the elder statesman this morning, I officially declare that the mid-Slaughter sucked, which is to say it was a solid beating. Nice work, DK!

  4. Nice beat down DK, that was fun not really!! Cherry blossom enjoyed group I hope to bring him back. Also with BT being the elder we might want to ask corporate if we should use respect?