Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bracket Busted (DaVille)


5 Pax and 1 FNG met in the gloom on the North Side for 45 minutes of what turned out to be a 2+ hour plan.  Lab Rat planted a shovel flag about the time Circle K pedaled into the parking lot.  After he shed some winter wear for more suitable workout attire, the rest of the pax convened and we got to work:



X20 IC Split Jumps

X20 IC Don Quixotes

X10 IC little arm circles, X5 IC Big arm circles, Reverso


X15 Merkins, run half the track X15 Derkins.  Repeato

X20 Squat jumps run half the track X20 Low Lateral Skaters.  Repeato

X20 4-count LBC run half the track X20 Heels to Heaven. Repeato

X10 2-count Imperial walkers, run half the track, X10 burpees.  Repeato

Rapid fire:  X20 dips, X20 Monkey Humpers, X20 American Hammer, X10 Dreya Rolls

Indian Run back to shovel flag with optional burpee before sprint.


YHC took us out with a word of thanks to God.


YHC planned a big sweet 16 bracket on a white board with regions and everything.  Plan was to do each “game” pick a winner and move on to next match up.  Truth be told, we ran around the track instead of across the closed field and we didnt get near as far as YHC predicted.  Still the beat down must have been solid because there were only a couple of takers on the optional burpees during Indian Run back to the flag

Since half the Pax were at least a little new, we did a quick F3 101 session to explain some of the abnormal traditions of the cult group.  Hopefully, nobody got too nervous.

Props to Circle K (mostly) and Baggage Claim for bringing a little mumble chatter that would have normally been supplied by YHC, and keeping the group lively.

Props to Baggage Claim and The Carpenter for continuing to post up!  Keep coming out!

Glad to see Abacus becoming a regular at DaVille, and leading the charge during the workout.  Also props for bringing out FNG’s for two consecutive weeks!  Keep on EH’ing!

Last but not least, welcome to Quarter!  He is a liaison in many of the local schools for FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), which I am sure many members of the Pax are familiar with, and was also a member of the VCU track team not too many moons ago.  Glad to have you, Quarter!

I am honored to have the opportunity to lead such a fine group of men, if only but for a morning.



Lab Rat


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  1. Welcome Quarter. Great beatdown LabRat. I am definitely feeling this mornings workout in my legs this afternoon.

  2. Welcome, Quarter! DaVille is a breeding ground for FNG’s, proof that the AO was needed. Great job!

  3. Nice work boys. No more brackets for sure-it’s baseball season! UVa-VCU is next week.

  4. Looks like a respectable beat down fellas, great to see all the FNGs coming out. By the way swirly my legs were smoked from the dogwood hill climb!