Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Bridge and a Cross


14 Pax showed up in the gloom in perfect 45 degree workout weather.


20x small arm circles each direction

10x helicopters

15x Don Quixote + 5x more stretch

20x Imperial Walkers

30x LBCs

10 burpees OYO.

Mosey to toll booth.

Run across bridge up to the street on the opposite side.  Yo-yo back to the slowest runner until all are at the top of the opposite hill.

Plank and 20 merkins.

Run back down across bridge to toll booth, with 2 burpees at every light pole.

Carry the cross.  Start at the base of the hill near the toll both.  Partner carry up the hill to the brick building. Switch with your partner when you get tired.

Mosey to the pullup bars for partner pullup ladders.  Alternate pullups 1,2,3,4,5, then chin ups back down 5,4,3,2,1.

Mosey to the Carillon for 4 stations of the cross.  Station #1: West grass circle.  Break dancers for 2 minutes.  Station #2: Top of carillon platform. Broad jumps around the carillon-1 lap. Station #3: North end of carillon field. 2 minutes of burpees. Station #4: East grass circle.  Box cutters for 1.5 minutes.

Mosey back to flag.


New workouts: W-Dog at the Carillon starting on April 6 at 5:30 am.  Circus Maximus at Godwin High starting April 7 at 5:30.

EF Hutton requested softball players for his church team.  Talk to him if you are interested.

COT.  YHC took us out.


For those of you keeping track of miles this month, we covered about 3.2 today during the workout according to his GPS.  Good work, men! Flash Dance mentioned that he felt relatively better this time around, and it was good to see so many pushing it hard back across the bridge.

Welcome back to Blood Test who made his first appearance in a while.  And welcome to The Carpenter who first posted at DaVille on Tuesday.

Compared to the last Bridge run done this winter, we appreciated the warmer weather and relative lack of wind.  Spring is here!

Partner pullups were a clear favorite again.  T-Claps to Swirly and Saab who were able to get through all of the reps unassisted.  YHC is convinced that Swirly’s secret power comes from his loud grunting.  Grunts replaced mumblechatter for everyone during these.

The stations of the cross workout was interrupted by a small white terrier who took a liking to Saab’s face.  Undeterred by the attention, Saab continued to do the break-dancing exercise while the dog licked his forehead.  Way to focus, Saab!

Being the Saturday before Easter, YHC snuck in some Good Friday themes today.  It seems a little sacrilegious to call it a Good Friday themed workout, but some of the workout was borne out of reflection on Jesus’s suffering on the cross.  Not that our suffering could hold a candle to his, partly because he had to go it alone.  It was a pleasure being with you and leading you today, and it was good 2nd F hanging out with you at E-T afterwords.  Happy Easter, men.


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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Nice beatdown Sippy. Wasn’t sure the if the partner carry bear crawl would make it in the BB or not… good laughs at ET.

  2. Workout did not disappoint Sippy. Shout out to Winstons for carrying me all the way up the hill and then some. That friendly little dog was a welcomed distraction – and yes my forehead provided him plenty of good area to lick. Ditto on ET today.

    Saabinator out

  3. Great beat down sippy!! Good times at ET. P.s I don’t think corporate will approve of partner bear crawls its to misleading and may cause public outrage, just sayin.

  4. Well done Sip! The theme was a great way to start the Morning of the Easter weekend ahead, Well played, sir.

  5. Happy Easter fellas!! I am so grateful I found this group. I think when your ready for God to led you, he will take you to places that you didn’t think were possible!! Thanks again

  6. Amen to that Flashdance, happy Easter PAX! Really appreciate the thoughtful Q Sippy yesterday.

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Yep that’s where the power comes from…. Excellent Q Sippy – great overall workout.. Props to Flashdance for caring me up that hill, to SAAB for joining me in grunting through the pull up station and Bleeder for pushing through without the bike – (That leg is getting stronger/better day by day – well done).
    Enjoyed the fellowship @ ET afterwords – always good times..