Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Which building is Gryffindor?


4 Gear Heads and 16 Runners Plus a LIFO arrived for some serious Sunny and 70 Cardio work. All exchanged pleasantries in the normal fashion before heading in their groups specified direction.


Down Grove for some indian run Gears Style; right on Three Chopt Left on Tawano Left into Univeristy of Richmond for several loops and gauntlet/hill intervals.


NO Tools explained to the other gear heads that the wind would be a factor in todays ride, which gave chase to the Indian style sprint down grove. Happily, Ricky Bobby’s new ride came in handy for the more road oriented spectacular that become todays ride.

As we entered the University, The Sheik took the lead and proceeded to give everyone pleasant tour around his Alma Mater , as we climbed the hill on the other side of the lake, admiring the stunning architecture, NO tools proceeded to ask “So, which building is Gryffindor?”; which was followed by, as you can imagine, several more Harry Potter’s styled jokes, Was Snape’s office near the Cafeteria, followed by my personal favorite, Can you also play soccer on the Quidditch field? The Pax passed several buildings and fields where the Sheik spent time playing football, Studying, etc. At one point The Sheik exclaimed I did my best work in that building right there. Not knowing we had just passed the Cafeteria, NO Tools said, “Was that your dorm? Never mind, I’d rather not know.”

As we looped around the campus, The Gear PAX discovered that a road Closed sign may appear to be quite similar to a field closed sign; However, unlike the city, A massive barricade followed by a 6 foot fence, will actually stop the PAX from trying to cross; The gauntlet through the building challenged the PAX bike evasive maneuvering skills. Ricky Bobby was glad to report that his new bike could navigate the right angle turn effectively.

On the Loop back to Three Chopt, No Tool made an attempt to run across the Baseball field; but the field was closed(no signage was apparent.)

The Hill Climb back to Three Chopt was quite effective at wearing down at least half the PAX, whilst the other Half was ready for more.


New AO’s and Workouts coming online

April 6th W Dog- Dogwood Dell, Adding to the Wednesday Morning workouts.

April 7th Circus Maximus – Godwin , A Kettle Bell/Block Workout ( Limited Running?)

MARV is starting a Running group on Tuesday mornings – More Details to Follow

Abacus reported that he faced the Winds NO Tools mentioned as he was ridding to the AO from Daville! He busted a wheel on the Ride and Limped back to the MM. Ricky Bobby lent him a wheel to make his way back home.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Bleeder, you had 5 bikers this am. Abacus was in search of you guys during the ride, never to find you (probably because you are too fast). He showed up at shovel flag post cot. One other note, he pulled a Sippy and rode from
    Mechanicsville to the AO for the ride

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent BB- Bleeder – still laughing about those Harry Potter comments – I can only imagine the mumble chatter 🙂
    Well done gears…

  3. Ricky Bobby RVA on

    Nice ride! Much better at 65 degrees vs a numbing 20. Also much better grip in the turns with the new rubber! Thanks for the lead NO Tools.