Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

45 Minutes of March Madness


It's so pretty

Seventeen strong showed up for a tribute to March Madness, ignoring the irish holiday celebration. Quick mosey to the basketball courts for 4 right hand and 4 left hand layups before circling up for the basketball themed beatdown.   Here’s how it went down:


– SSH x30
– High Knees x20
– Butt Kickers x20
– Monmouth Slide x15
– Tony Bennett Floor Slap x15
– Melvin Johnson 3 pointers x10 each side
– Dive for the Ball (reverse flutters) x15

The Thang

Dean Smith 4 corners.  Tribute to one of the most influential offensive schemes ever contrived.  The 4 corner offense resulted in the introduction of the shot clock.  Split up into 4 equal groups and spread out to the 4 corners.  Exercises were merkins, jump squats, scorpion dry docks, ball dippers.  30 at each location to reflect the current 30 second shot clock.  Timed circuit for almost 10 minutes, roughly 3 circuits were completed.

Line up on the north end-line for 1-1 challenge.  Volunteers from the PAX were accepted to shoot a 1 and 1.  Miss the front end and the PAX completes 10 burpees, miss the second 10 merkins, make them both then suicide.  Completed 6 rounds.

Split up into equal groups and commence 2 on 2 (or 2 on 3).  Named after “The King and the Duck” who were the legendary street ball duo from LA in the classic basketball hit White Men Can’t Jump.  Play for 4 minutes.  When a team scores the offense does 10 squats and the defense does 10 merkins.  Winning team on the court rotates clockwise to the next court.  Complete 3 circuits.

Mosey back to SF.


Thanks for enduring yet another themed workout for the week.  Honey Do kicked it off with a Caesar theme and YHC had to pickup March Madness today as it is one of my favorite two days of the year.  Swirly had this workout pegged when YHC signed up about 6 weeks ago.  He has been working on his form and it showed today.

YHC underestimated the LOE for 4 corners today.  There was a lot of cardio involved in each station and it showed after three circuits.  Most of the PAX were fairly well winded.  Thanks to Pucker for taking Fudd’s 10 second countdown after the 4 corners.  We didn’t really want to listen to Fudd anyway.

We have tried the 1 and 1 concept before and were equally as bad this time.  TClaps to Sippy Cup who demonstrated his pure form by knocking down both free throws.  This was after 3 front-ends of the 1 and 1 were missed, resulting in 30 burpees from the pax.  His 2 made free throws were welcomed.  For the record we were 2 for 7 on free throws today including missing 5 front-ends.  Honey Do can add, 50 total burpees today.

2 on 2 (ish) was fun and YHC wishes there was more time to get some more games complete.  Leave it to Fudd to complain that he had to play against a series of tall teams.  He did end up knocking one down in YHC’s “eye” as the buzzer was winding down.  Apparently that will be the highlight of his day (and perhaps week).

Apologies for my inability to figure out the lantern.  Naturally it started right up as I went to clean up.  “Best laid plans of mice and men typically go awry.”

TYA asked YHC the significance of #52, inquiring who wore #52.  Who wore #52???  Really???  YHC wore #52.

For those that have not seen this video it’s worth the 90 seconds to check out theMonmouth Bench.


  • AFSP Golf Tournament 4/25.  2 F3 teams already with more open spots.  See Fudd or his backblast.
  • HDHH 4/20 5-7 at ET.  See Flashdance for details.
  • WDog starting April 6.  See Swirly.
  • TClaps to LabRat for hosting HDHH last night
  • Godwin workout in the works for Thursday.  Talk to JVille if you can help take some Qs.

Splinter out.



  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Very very well done Splinter. You are right I was indeed looking forward to this workout and it did not disappoint. Hope the 4 on 4 finds it’s way back into a workout again soon..
    You ARE #52 BRO – respect…
    See y’all in the gloom.

  2. The cadence in absentia was impressive and only could have been handled by a select few at the Corporate level. Good to play with Gumbo again. Should have brought back the pee-wee basketball days and played alongside Splinter.

  3. Just when I thought my basketball skills could not get any worse, there I am dribbling and passing in the dark. The nearby “tomatoes” giggling at my poor playing skills took me back to high school…

    (Saab could not abide today.)

    All that said, my first (yes) Splinter workout did not disappoint.

  4. Excellent beatdown this morning, fun and painful!

    To Bleeder, my heartfelt apologies for fumbling what I could only guess were brilliant passes. Never saw a one of them!

  5. Splinter, for the first time in F3 history, I wish the workout had not been over, I was determined to execute a pass to Lab Rat,…

  6. Honey Do RVA on

    Nice work Splinter. TCLAPS for the creativity and especially the glowing basketball rims. Combining 2 of my favorite things for a beatdown – Themes & Glowsticks, Aye!

  7. Along with gloves I may have to start keeping ankle tape in the car. Lots of fun, Splinter. Well done!

  8. Thanks splinter, great beat down!! My B- ball skills need some work. Although playing in the dark actually helps!! I can’t tell where the ball is going.

  9. Great workout Splinter. I agree with Bleeder….I didn’t want the workout to end. Actually, I take that back. After I hit that jumper in your eye….I wanted the workout to end right then and there. That would have been epic.

    Hakuna Mattata bitches.

    Fudd abides (in lieu of Saab)