Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beware the Ides of March


15 friends, romans, countrymen lent their ears, along with the rest of their bodies, to the soggy fields of NoToll on the Ides of March.  It was 51 degrees and cloudy but the rain held off. The PAX still got plenty messy.

COP:  15 SSH, 15 Merkins, 15 Flutterkicks, 15 Hillbillys.


Mosey to field for 44 BC in honor of the year Caesar was murdered, aka Regicide.  44 Burpees in a Corner, run to each corner and do 11 burpees to total to 44.

Move to other field for more 4 corners – 44 of exercise at each corner: LBCs, Mtn Climbers, Merkins, Jumpsquats.

Mosey to pavilion for sets of 23, 23 being number of times Caesar was stabbed. 1st round Boxjumps, 2nd Derkins, 3rd 23 step ups.

Mosey to field 1 for Shakespeare sets, 1599 being the year experts believe the Bard wrote the play Julius Caesar.  3 sets to total 15 and 99. 5 burpees, 33 Tuck Jumps, run field & back.

Mosey to center  of field for Ring Of Fire, then to basketball courts to finish with some Mary – 44 Freddy Mercurys, 23 APDs, 10 leg lifts each leg, for Wilson who was a no show for no toll.

Finish up with COT.

NM: YHC loves a good theme beatdown. The only thing missing from the RVA beatdowns is a surprising lack of historical facts and trivia. YHC hoped this Ides of March idea solved some of this problem.  There was zero chatter during the 44 Burpees to start and through most of the beatdown. TCLAPS to Jville for going out of his way to get muddy. There was some hesitation on hitting the ground from some of the PAX but all were warned last night of the rain on Twitter thanks to Wilson, who then proceeded to Fartsack – again!

YHC noticed several of the PAX were working on their jumpshot form during the squats. That should come in handy for 45Mom with Splinter this Thursday.

Great work Gumbo, one week in you already look stronger. Nice to have BT back stateside as well.

Announcements: HDHH and Davile  kickoff tomorrow night, RSVP to Lab Rat if you are going. Talk to Jville about a new AO at Godwin on Thursdays if interested.

Nice work today men – remember all power is fleeting, so keep posting to stay strong,


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  1. Great Job with the History lesson and workout, I am stronger and more educated. Thanks!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Nice one HoneyDo – man that was a ton of burpees… And I can feel those jump squats…

  3. You always learn something new at a HoneyDo Q, thanks for making us smarter as well as stronger. Those dates and numbers are going to stick in my head now that I have the pain of burpees and tuck jumps to associate it with.

  4. “What are tuck jumps?! Tuck jumps are awesome!” says HoneyDo (and only HoneyDo, ever). That was a harsh reminder that I have been off for 10 days. Nice job, Q-Do.

  5. Thanks for calling me out on that one honey do. Just because I call out the weather the night before it’s not an indicator of me posting or not. Got to keep you on your toes.

  6. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    I calling bs on Kearfott. You can’t miss a workout and then talk shit about a pax (me) that posted. Cmon man

  7. I sense a duel brewing. TYA v. DK, mano y mano, pick your flavor of exercise and perform til one drops. Monkey humpers, perhaps?

  8. Döner Kebab on

    Don’t worry, TYA. You’ll have a head start if it comes to a duel. I’ll be “out” being overly gluttonous the next few days: annual boys trip to the beach to watch the first rounds of the NCAA Tournament. It’s part of March’s anti-weight loss challenge that I signed up for (Shrimp Fry Friday, for example). I’ll be with Glee, Choo Choo & Trotter…maybe I can get them out of the house for a beatdown during our stay.

  9. The TYA vs DK march madness Mano y Mano €uck Jumping Anti-weight loss Kidney Stone Passing NCAA sanctioned Dodgeball(using Toga’s balls) Bracket Challenge sponsored by Verizon(thanks BT) will be done immediately following the Suicide Prevention Golf Tournament( Fudd is chairing and has volunteered to Referee this BackBlast comment battle; however if it’s not raining that day Wilson and Loose Goose have volunteered to step into DK’s and TYA’s roll.

    Either way, it will be epic.

  10. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    The smack is flying today boys.. – I ain’t missing the bracket challenge sponsored by Verizon – it’s over by the beer tent right ?

  11. Honey Do RVA on

    Are Duels corporate sanctioned? Need to consult with Corp manual. How about a duel challenge to see how many days a man can post until the other fartsacks?

  12. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Duels have to be approved by Corporate before they can commence…..
    Now that sounds like my kinda duel 🙂

  13. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    I’m ready to rumble anytime… And Kearfott, I don’t need any kind of handicap or headstart. Mano a Mano. I’m going to school you like we schooled the Christmas team at the brr!!! Bring it on

  14. So much Pax on Pax hate today. Isn’t the Ides of March about coming together as a Pax to stab someone else?

  15. Et tu, Brute… Latin use during the beat down can come back to hurt those who comment and not knoweth what they sayeth. Especially when the Tweet calls the forthcoming Tempest as to imply a formidable force would not stop said Tweeter from posting. Sunny and 70 tomorrow! The Shakespeare is optional,

  16. I would like to submit that the under card for the TAY v. Kearfort be: Fudd v. Toga. See if Toga can explain an excersize to Fudd without losing his mind. If Fudd can outlast Toga’s patience, he wins.

  17. Just when I thought you could not out do yourself honey do you proved me wrong. Great q and I will stay out of this paw duel sounds intense!!!