Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The sun was LIFO this morning


Five men showed up in the gloom this morning to find a packed parking lot at the Pump House.  Some dude waiting for a car pool joined Aisle 5 in his car for a pre-run coffee…only to find that Aisle 5 was not his ride.  Never a dull moment…

The five original pax started across the bridge when Sippy Cup came flying up from behind, quickly said his good mornings to us mere mortals, then left us just as quickly, dragging Saab along with him in his wake.  Glad to see you back in the fold, Sippy!

The route this morning was Buttermilk to Forest Hill loop….YHC’s GPS put him at 7.5 miles, individual mileages may vary.  YHC ran with Udder this morning, great getting to know you a bit better, my man!

Aisle 5 continues to post up to the trail run, getting in those miles.  YHC is impressed with his fortitude.

TYA, you know where you are at, brother.  A staple on Sundays.

Well done this morning, gents.

Saab abides, and I am Lab Rat


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    It’s official, Aisle 5 is now the most misspelled name in F3 PAX history. I had no idea there were so many incorrect options for his name. Outstanding gents.

    Great run today. Perfect weather and just light enough to see at the start. Rough start for TYA, but settled in after a bit. See you in the gloom!

    I told Saab at the end of the run today, one of the many things I love about F3 is that when someone asks a seemingly reasonable questions it is often dismissed as utterly ridiculous. Lab Rat asked the Pax before the run “shall we wait til the sun comes up?”. Saab and YHC immediately dismissed the question and started running!

  2. Wait a minute! Some random sat in my seat in the Subaru? Looks like bum knee or not I need to post to keep my standing in the Subaru. Geese Aisle 5, I get injured and you try to replace me? Ok, now it’s starting to sound like I’m gonna boil a rabbit on your stove……