Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A little game of tag


14 PAX ignored the erroneous weather reports and headed to MM for a little running tag.



–split into 3 groups based on pace

–stay within the grid of Commonwealth Ave, Monument Ave, Malvern Ave, and Grove Ave taking any route you want

–no 180 degree turns

–try to catch the group wearing the flashing heel lights.  If you do catch them, exchange the lights onto your shoes, and the new group becomes the pursued, heading off in the opposite direction.

–Return to the flag after 45 min.

–The initial group being pursued is given a head start of 2-3 min by entering the grid immediately while the other groups run to Cary St. and back.

Game recap.

This was fun!  As it turns out each of the 3 groups had a turn being chased, for about 15 minutes each.  My group (Offshore, Sippy, Marv) ended up being the last group pursued, and we were able to avoid getting caught a few times by sprinting down certain blocks and turning in non-intuitive directions.  However the last 3 minutes of the game were quite exciting as all three groups headed back to the flag.  The pursued took a different route and everyone converged at right angles on the flag at approximately the same time.  A rogue car streaking across Grove slowed down the pursued group so they were caught right at the corner of Commonwealth and Grove.



Check the RAMM Gears post–

Also:  Offshore is helping to organize a bike race for Diabetes in October–details forthcoming.



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  1. I regret having to quit. It sounds as though it was a lot of fun.

    Speedy recovery Sippy.