Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Like Hill


7 very strong posted this morning @ SOT and here is how we rolled…

Warm ups: Helicopters, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, SSH, LBC’s, Touch the sky.

Like Hill : (The cousin of love hill) – partner up run up the hill and back – partner 2 does the exercise and switch.. Exercises : Broad jump burpees, Russian Solder’s, Walk out merkins. Repeat back down the hill…

4 corners : 20 box cutters – grapevine – 20 Carolina drydocks – lunges – 20 flutter kicks (2count) grapevine- 20 merkins.

Bus loop: Runners run the loop 1 time around – Bleeder rides bike 2 times around – challenge to runners – make it back to the start before Bleeder comes around twice..  25 partner leg toss after each lap – 3 laps..

Curb Crawls : Bear crawl up crawl bear back up the ladder to 6 (Merkins)

Mary: LBC’s, APD’s, cross leg lifts, 6 inches

Ring of Fire – 10 Merkins.

Great work today guys… A beautiful morning @ SOT and Bleeder was wondering why in the world YHC had on his jacket… ( Cause YHC’s $10 target watch broke awhile back and YHC needed a place to secure his phone so that he could keep time – YHC also is doing the weight loss challenge so figured sweat it out … YHC did end up ditching the coat before the bus loop exercise…

There were a few small groans as YHC announced like hill and YHC reassured Wilson that it would be okay even though we had odd numbers – no worries bro 🙂 The pax did great pushing themselves to make it to the finish line @ the bus loop before Bleeder arrived – this didn’t always happen but every effort was given for sure..  YHC thanks Bleeder for his extra effort to push himself and the pax on that exercise. During the bus loop exercise the shovel flag fell and made a loud noise. The first thought was someone was trying to break in to one of our cars – nope not the case it was the flag..  Thanks Lug for going to replant it… It was dark and nobody really saw what happened but it fell near Wilson’s car – upon inspection @ the end of the workout it seemed all was well… YHC was sorry the flag fell on a car but was thrilled it was not the Audi or Porsche – cause YHC may have been running home from SOT 🙂 More grunts were heard during Mary as the pax was pushing hard to finish strong – well done fella’s..

Splinter took us out and asked for God’s grace, mercy and wisdom not only for us but for our country’s political leaders(now and in the future)  – well said Splinter.

Saab has the Q tomorrow @ MM

LabRat and Circle K are working on a Mechanicsville AO – stay tuned..

See y’all in the Gloom!


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  1. Great job Swirly. Those PLTs never get easy. At first I thought you called like hill “light hill” as there were lamp posts lining the hill. Perhaps another variation is in the future.

  2. Nice Q Swirly! The first loop I had a slight misjudgment of a corner, it almost ended poorly.

  3. Swirly – very creative Q. I need to know if there is a complaint form to file with F3 corporate. I understand there MIGHT (need to inspect in daylight) have been no damage to the Acura TL, but I take offense that the TL is of less importance than a 911 or Audi S6. I guess in absence of an official form I will take solace that the TL is MUCH tougher (not faster) than the other two models and can take a hit from a flying shovel flag! Now if that had been the Vette 🙁 FEBA!

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    I’ll check on that form for ya Wilson… Yeah I’m glad too it was not the Vette:)