Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

BRR Update!


Those of you that have made the commitment to join in on the Blue Ridge Relay here is a quick update….

The hotel rooms (Thurs Night), vans, and house (Sat night) have been booked! (Thank you Bleeder)…

TYA will register our team soon and be in touch with all of us about further details. (Thank you TYA)…

Hey -BRR – Corporate is coming !!!

Be prepared to begin training soon…. Yep this is you against you except for when we are running against Christmas and that other fairy cheater team…. Then it’s us against them – let’s go!!

If you have not yet decided to join in on the BRR – please give it some serious consideration. It is indeed a physical and emotional challenge but I promise you will be glad you did it – not only because you were able to tackle it yourself but that your boys did the same… Remember Labrat’s African proverb ” If you want to go fast go alone – If you want to go far go together”

Fitness, Fellowship, Faith oh yeah and there are cold beers with the pax @ the finish line!



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