Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Are you going to post Saab?


4 fast F3 PAX posted for a Sunday Morning trail run. Weather to start was 35 degrees and sunny….warming up the whole way.

The Thang:

Northbank trail to Belle Isle, Belle Isle outside loop to Buttermilk. Buttermilk back to the shovel flag.

Naked Moleskin:

At yesterday’s coffeetaria at Ellwood’s Wilson asked “who’s posting for the Sunday trail run”. It was understood by the PAX that he was asking because he was planning on being there. Saab responded to Wilson immediately “You asked me the same question a couple weeks ago”. That week, Saab posted because he knew Wilson was going to be there and did not want to not live up to his word that he would be there. Saab posted, no Wilson. Wilson asked again yesterday, no Wilson today…I see a trend here.

Uneventful trip around the trails this morning. We kept moving the whole way and finished the loop in 75 minutes. Come on out next week. First week of Lockjaw’s 100 mile challenge.

See you in the gloom.


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  1. It was great to have TYA back on the trail. Enjoyed Lockjaw’s intermittent sojourns to take in the majestic scenery that is the James River. Thanks to Offshore for acknowledging I was not party to the pedo-cloud the other morning.

    I realize now – when someone asks if I will be posting – PAX are just being friendly and simply avoiding awkward pauses in the conversation…I can take a hint.

    Expecting next month will bring higher numbers in response to Lockjaw’s throw-down.

    Saabinator abides.

  2. Sorry to miss out, I had to make hard decisions regarding my workout routine this week. Hopefully back to it next Sunday. Got to get in those miles!

  3. Sorry. I was really planning on posting and I really enjoy driving the Vette, but Wilson’s wife promptly informed me we had plans in the am. I will continue to ask Saab! Just gonna keep you on your toes!